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Saturday, April 16, 2005

It makes it's presence known through subtle means.

Last night Earl and I got home around midnight. As Earl walked into the family room, he found it odd that his tackle box lid was opened. The box was sitting on the floor next to the left side of the couch. He passed by it and moved down to the right side of the couch and sat down. I walked in behind him. I was about to pass by the box when curiosity got the best of him and he asked me,

"Why did you leave my tackle box open? The kitties might get hurt."

I looked down at it as I passed by and said, "I didn't."

I took two steps more. From behind my back I heard a snap like a Tupperware lid being closed. I turned around to see -

The lid was not only shut, it was securely latched.

Any person in any other house would just assume the other had shut the box, but my husband was still sitting in the same spot and he was looking at me.

I got a chill...

My eyeballs fixed themselves on the tackle box and then immediately shifted to Earl. He remained still and could not even see the box from where he was sitting. But he was looking right at me when I asked the inevitable -

"Did you just shut that?"


Earl stood up and opened the lid back up. He walked by it a couple times to see if it would close on it's own. It did not. He eventually had to jump up and down right next to it before it slowly lowered itself and rested atop it's latch...

Thereeee backkkkkkkk.
Has anyone had a problem with today?? I think it must be down. But when Flickr is down, so are my pictures. And I'm pissed.
I have been trying not to eat saturated fat. I've turned a lot of things down...

But yesterday -

Yesterday I was pushed to my limit. And I caved. Miserably.

I wasn't craving anything sweet until my coworker left me a peanut butter cup on my keyboard. That was nice of her, but it made me want to chuck it at her head, because now I wanted it more than the air I breathe. I didn't have the strength to give it to someone else, so I tried to put it out of my mind.

That was hard because since I didn't want to touch it,

I couldn't exactly move it,

so I had typed around it.

Too tempting. Finally, I picked it up and took the wrapper off. I licked the top of it, then stuck a tooth into the side and pierced right threw into the peanut butter. I sucked it for a second and then tossed it in the trash.

Later that night, we had Burger King.

See what caving does? It makes you weak. Why do I even try?
MINI BLOGS that have danced in my brain through out the day -

I woke up this morning to a rainbow on my ceiling. Isn't that special? I was waiting for those birds from Snow White to start singing but I guess that's asking too much.

I heard Jack barking for a good 10 minutes upstairs and decided he must not be simply looking out the window at someone. So I ventured upstairs and found him standing on the bed barking at the little fairy on the ceiling. He loves fairies and any other kind of spot light, especially from those laser pens. This fairy was from a CD I had by the window. He kept trying to jump off the bed and catch it, so I had to took it away in my underwear drawer.

Now I have to run to Walmart. I am certain I will find a blog there.
THANK YOU ALL for your advice with Target. I have taken each and every one of your suggestions and have decided on a plan of action - at least for next time:

First of all, Z wins.
Z, you do have an evil mind and I like your style. Well thought out cons and indirect action. So here we go...

Next time, I'll do the old magnet trick and send Fullofit out to Target to make sure we get another game back. Earl can calmly exchange it at Walmart for the right one, Karl can write the letter to the CEO, and Rebecca and Jenorama can organize the boycott.

And when Vicki gets back from Florida, we'll do it all over again with her busted picture frame.

What a team *weap weap*... What a team. You guys ROCK!

If anyone else wants to join our Ocean's 8, you must first reveal your skill.