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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Okay. I know I am neurotic. I know I’m anal. I know I am obsessive compulsive about certain things... but can’t I make a simple split second decision and be happy with it??

First of all, it took me 1/2 hour to figure out what type of pizza to order from Papa Johns. Vegetable with ham, great. I dialed the number and placed the order...

But of course, the pizza guy had to screw with my brain and throw me off by announcing “in celebration of their anniversary, I get a second one topping pizza FREE... So what topping do I want?”

Umm. “What?”

"What topping do you want?"

I think I starred at the spot on the wall for, well, EVER. I’m pretty sure I was frozen in time...

“What do you mean?”

"Ma’am, you ordered a large pie, so you get a free one topping pizza, so what topping do you want?"

The possibilities filled my brain. I knew I had just ordered a veggie plus ham pie... so pepperoni was the obvious answer... right?

- Say it. Put your foot down -


I manage to blurt it out, but there was a part... the ‘roni’ part... it carried great uncertainty...

He confirmed the answer, "Pepperoni?"

“Yes. Please.” I think I was still hoping for him to approve my pepperoni decision. He didn't. Perhaps just a 'good choice', or something would have made me feel more sure. But alas, there was nothing.

I hung up the phone.

It was final.

Done deal.

I sat down in front of Will And Grace. I watched them, I listened to them, but I don’t think I heard a single word. I was still stuck on this stupid free pizza thing. It would have been so much easier if there wasn't any free pizza. Why did they have to be so generous? Why didn't they warn me? Maybe they did and I wasn't listening. I hate not being prepared. Why did I have to be involved in such a deal? Man. Did I make the right decision? Did I really want pepperoni? Do we have Tums for later? I mean, pepperoni equals heartburn. Maybe I should have gotten mushroon, but the other pizza has mushroom plus all the other veggies, so pepperoni was a smart choice... But was I sure? Can I call them back if I have to? Do their pepperoni pies even taste good? I know Dominos sucks... How often do I get free anything? Did I take advantage of it and get the right thing?

25 minutes passed. The darn pizzas were going to show up soon and I was still stuck on this. I started yelling at myself (in a harsh whisper, you know the one... Shut-up about this you moron. It will be fine; the world will go on even if it sucks.)

What the heck? Is there a word for this…

Man, oh man.

So hey, wouldn't you know it. The pizzas showed up and we ate 4 slices of the veggie/ham pie. The pepperoni pie sat in the box on the other table, all by itself. Just. Sat. There. We were full, which means dinner is over and I grabbed the pepperoni pie and stuffed it in the fridge for tomorrow. All that stress and we never even touched the damn thing. Tomorrow we will eat it, and tomorrow I won't care what topping is on it. Tomorrow I will wake up feeling completely beside myself for having such difficulties, and tomorrow I will think I have just blogged about something completely rediculous. Rediculous but funny, because tomorrow when I read what I wrote, I will laugh.