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Friday, February 17, 2006


Now I'm getting it...

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Did you know how much I like my sister-in-law? Well I do. Very much so. Did you know she showed her karaoke-krowd my pretty ring which means she talks about me to her friends and that makes me pretty sure she likes me back. Did you know I get insanely jealous when I see her post comments daily on other people’s blogs and not mine? Well, I do. Did you know that I almost posted a picture of a fish hook to see if I could catch her as she flew on by to somebody elses blog? Well, I did. Almost.

Did you know I could spell karaoke yesterday but not today? Today, after 7 tries, I had to let spell checker correct it.

Did you know that it’s Friday and I have no desire to do anything but go to sleep early tonight? Its not because I’m getting old. No, it’s more like I have been so tired all week and it just seems like a good idea. I was only able to get myself up once this whole week before the sun came up to work out, and even though I still managed to get to a few evening classes, I feel like a fat pig.

Do you know how hard it is to get out of a “tired, good for nothing, lazy ass, fat pig” funk? Very hard. For some reason, dill pickle potato chips don't seem to help at all.

Do you know that my birthday was almost two weeks ago and my best friend still hasn’t said anything? Did you know that her birthday is coming up and I’m not sure what I feel like doing about it?

Do you know that I have no idea how to ask for a Power Ball ticket?

Did you know that when I first moved to PA and had to pump my own gas, I wasn’t sure how to tell when the tank was full?

Did you know that I have two favorite colors and I’m not sure what to put down on these quizzes that asks for only one? Did you know they are yellow and blue?

Do you know this Intelligence Test I got involved with from The Crooked Trail took me three days and the help of my husband, a bar full of drunks, and finally the Internet to finish it? And now there’s a part 2. Freaking. Dang it all. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

Did you know that I have been calling Best Buy every day for weeks hoping to get a stupid Xbox 360 Premium game system. I even tried to bribe one of the employees to let me know when one finally freaking comes in. Funny. He hasn't called me back yet... And don't you dare suggest EBay. I'm sick of that place. Besides, I dont want to pay $200 more than I have to only to get a box with a brick in it.

Did you realize by now I have nothing really to blog about?

Go on. Tell me what you did know and what you didn't know. Then ask if I know something about you. See? This could actually work.

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