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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So now I’m done with my long weekend. I’m trying hard to catch up on work left behind but finding it more fun to get distracted with playing Ms. Photographer and stuff. Why should I snap out of long weekend mode? What for?

I had a really nice birthday despite having to share it with the Superbowl...

Congrats to all you Steelers fans – again. Seems you guys have FINALLY tied with us 49ers in super bowl rings. Took you long enough…. Hehehe. Whoaaa don’t get your panties in a bunch, you guys have more of a chance of getting there again next year. Look at where we stand…


Stop laughing.

Unfortunately, my best friend was too sick to make it up Saturday night for my b-day par-tee but we still had 6 people come by. I had gone to BJs that afternoon to find some snick snacks to go with the tequila lime wings. The table was graced with veggies and dip, chips, Tostitos and salsa, mozzarella sticks, pot stickers, and wings w/blue cheese. Unfortunately, the cocktail weenies didn’t make it. They had an accident with a hot oven. But the rest of the spread was plentiful... Too bad nobody really ate anything.

What?! Is everybody on a diet or something???

Well, except for moi. I had my way with the veggies and dip. But besides the wings and pot stickers getting eaten all up, the rest was untouched. That’s okay, I thought, anything left over will go back out on Sunday for the Superbowl…

So then Sunday comes… and… well…Sunday was about all that showed up. Everyone else had other plans. I told people about coming over for Superbowl in January. How much more of a heads up do they need for crying out loud?? Sheeshhh. Unbelievable.

You know, I shouldn’t be telling you all this. You’re gonna think I’m some sort of loser who has bad parties. THAT’S NOT TRUE. I have GREAT parties. It was just this one time. I swear! And Saturday. But that’s it!

Hold on to your seats cause I'm jumping back to Sunday morning. I gots myself woken up with a sweetttt back rub from hubby, and then treated to a nice Ho Burger down at the Ho for lunch served by the ho himself Matthew McConaughey – okay, maybe it was someone who looked like him but it was my birthday so if I wanted to believe it was him I can.

So as you can see, I had a great day anyway even without Superbowl fans in my living room. Who needs ‘em anyway...

Yeah so around 4:00 we went off to somebody else’s party to find some, and there they all were, drinking their beers, eating their spinach dip and MONKEY BREAD, gathered around the TV – in somebody else’s house.

Hey. Less clean up for me. Oh. Not to mention plenty of dip for dinner.

Anyone up for some appetizers? Come on over. I have some and I’m not afraid to share. I'll even make Merit's dip so we can have a choice. I was saving her's for next weekend, but what the hey.