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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This morning didn’t start off as good as I had hoped. We actually left the house on time for once, only to find the highway shutdown between PA and NJ. We had to swing back around and figure something else out, which just seems so typical when you are on time for anything. Now, wouldn’t you think that when there is a major problem on a major road, that the radio people would increase the traffic report to twice as often? I would think. But they don’t. In fact, we couldn’t find a traffic report the whole ride back and actually had to go home to turn the local channel on the boob tube to find out what the problem was and where exactly.

Of course our service was down. What’s next? Wait, don’t answer that. So I sat and spun the radio dial back and forth until someone decided to give me a report while Earl listened to the traffic on the Sirius – which makes me ask - how come Sirius only gives traffic for Philadelphia and NY? What about my area? I have a major interstate too, fellas.

So anyway, we figured out another way to take and got to work over an hour late. My paycheck should now suck next week. Great. Boy, déjà vu from last week when this same thing happened on that stupid highway.

Oh yeah, and when we finally got to work, everyone was complaining that they couldnt connect to the server. They all just sat around and waited for me to get in, when all any one had to do was look at the monitor, and see that the server wasnt logged on.

Gee. What a concept.

And now on to something completely different, I treated myself to an everything bagel with butter for lunch yesterday. I knew it was a bad thing to eat, but I was craving it so I ate it. I justified my choice by promising to have a salad or something carbless for dinner. Well, as it turns out, we ended up at Wendys. Did I get a salad there? Um. No. Does anyone really eat salads from fast food places? I hear they have just as much fat as the burgers anyway. I had the new friscata sandwich, or whatever its called. And it was pretty good, in case youre wondering.

I think that after three days with this sore throat that’s it moved up into my head cause I be a-suffer’n today. At least my mouth feels better after having a couple fillings put in last night. They were right up front, which I’m not used to, and the Novocain actually hurt going in. My eyes teared up as he was injecting it, and I thought to myself “don’t you cry, you sissy!” For the next couple hours, the whole right side of my face was numb, all the up under my eye. And let me just say, it is a very strange sensation to feel one nostril and not the other. Earl said I actually looked like I had a stroke or some serious botox because nothing moved on the one side. We had a party watching me try to drink something. After it wore off and the itching went away, my jaw was sore from having my mouth open for so long but my teeth felt all right.

While I was at the dentist, I told the good doctor and his gentle hygienist, when they didn’t have their fingers in my mouth, that I had a dream that my tooth fell out. I had to bring it in to have him put it back. They said it’s so common to hear such a dream, only usually all the teeth fall out.

What’s up with that?

Consequently, I asked my dentist where your tongue is supposed to be at night. Interesting question? Perhaps. But do YOU know where your tongue is at night? I have found mine several times resting behind my teeth. This is not good. Even I know that. And my dentist agreed. Although he never officially answered my question (maybe even he doesnt know!), he did say more or less, what does it matter. If you're asleep, there's nothing you can do about it anyway. This did not satisfy my curiosity. When I was young, my orthodontist taught me how to train my tongue to swallow correctly. I am determined to train my tongue now to sleep correctly. So, I started asking around, and no one was quite sure where their tongues were at night. One guy said his rested on the bottom of his mouth. This seemed rather uncomfortable and I could not see my tongue agreeing to stay there all night long. Finally, I went online for the answer. I found a very informative website here that let me in on a little secret...

"Often, the tongue is in the neutral position: forward, directly back of the two upper front teeth, and pressed against the roof of the mouth. This is excellent!"

Oh good! To my pleasant surprise, this is where my tongue has decided to rest during the day. Hopefully, I can train it to stay there at night now.

But anyway, back to the dentist office...

My dentist and the hygienist went on to discuss the previous patient and his severe periodontal disease. They had been encouraging him to use a water pick before he loses all his teeth. The idea that there are people out there that have no clue how important it is to take care of your teeth really struck the hygienist strange. She thought maybe the patient didn’t understand English because he didn’t seem to get the whole water pick and teeth maintenance discussion. But the good doctor informed her that he understood perfectly because he was, in fact, a professor and has a perfectly fine brain that is capable of understanding such things. He’s just lazy, or something. If I didn’t have so much stuff in my mouth, I would have chimed in that perhaps he is just one of those people who are incredibly book smart, but not very common sense smart... But again, I couldn’t because my mouth was full.

Haha. None of you know this but I originally said, "one of those people who is incredibly smart" which is incorrect and makes me sound alot like George W.

But all this brings me to the question of the day – although if you would like to also answer where your tongue is at night, you may -

Do any of you know what your dentist looks like?

Could you identify him if he passed you in a store? I could tell who he was if I saw from the eyes up, but from the nose down, he could be anybody. I have had many a dentist and I’ll be damned if I don’t know what any of them really look like. Why? Because they never take that face mask thing off. Even when we’re discussing my next appointment, he’s got it on.

Anyhoo, just a question. Hope to hear your thoughts.

Oh, and prayers are appreciated for me and my cold.