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Monday, April 25, 2005

Have you ever been so tired and so scatterbrained that you didn’t realize until you were almost to work that you forgot your bra?

I did.

In fact, it was today, and I am sitting here at work right now braless.

I, as chest sizes go, need a bra. Fortunately it was cool out this morning and I decided to throw a sweatshirt on before we left the house. At least I have that - And that in itself makes me realize things could be worse…

But as I sit here typing this, I understand this to be the one day since the calendar declared it Spring, that my company decided to turn the heat back on. The radiator is screaming bloody hell, pumping barrels of heat into my tiny little office and blowing the papers off the bulletin board. Of course, the radiator no longer has no shut off valve because our company can’t be bothered with repairs, so now I shall open the window and allow it all to fly away.

Lunchtime is only 4 hours from now. At that time, I will run down to TJ Maxx and buy myself a new bra (of course it will by new, I wouldn’t buy a used one. Ever wonder why we say we're going to buy a new anything? Yeah well, different blog for a different time.) I am hoping they will just let me wear it out of the store - like a redneck normally would when shopping for underwear.

So last week I flung a tampon out of my purse while trying to purchase beer. It did a couple of somersaults in the air before it landed by someone’s foot. That was so nice. And today I forgot to completely dress myself.

It is an on going cruel, cruel joke played on me by the gods and they are laughing at me right now as I sweat in my sweatshirt. What, pray tell, is next?