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Monday, February 13, 2006

Be forewarned, this post rotates counter clockwise.

I had to slip this in really quick. I forgot to tell you what I did today when I wrote this post, so here you go - I woke up at 5:11am because Ozzy was threatening to poop on the floor. He ate too much of his bone last night and I think his tum tum was yucky. He made that funny noise he makes when he's pooper is full, so I got up to let him out. I could have gone back to sleep for a whole 20 minutes, but whats the point. I jumped on the treadmill and got a full 30 minute workout in along with some crunches and push ups. I'm proud to announce that I am up to 23 real man push ups! I try to add one more each day if I can. Although I usually chicken out and do girly push ups in class (really because Instructor makes us do 45 of 'em - dont worry, I'm not that crazy. They're broken into 3 sets of 15 with over head extensions in between to exhaust your triceps), I like to impress myself and do the 'real' ones at home. Hopefully nothing will get in my way of getting to class tonight. Its a good one - 1 hour 1/2 hours long.

Well well well. Seems as though winter is actually upon us. Wasn't sure, being as two Fridays ago I had the windows open cause it was 62 degrees. But yesterday, finally, we got over a foot of fluffy cold white, perfect snowman-making, snow.

And no, as much as I wanted to, I did not make a snowman for I did not have me mittens (so yes, I shoveled with bare hands) nor did I have me boots (because the snow ate them and I had to wear me sneakers) . That, and me dogs are skurd of snowmen....

Oh, and I checked. None of the snowflakes were the same, just so you know.

I like the snow. It should snow in winter. If it doesnt, it worries me. Even more so, if its 62 degrees, I get all panicky. It should not be. This is not Florida. This is Pennslvania. We have cold temps during winter and we have snow.

So I was more than happy to be shoveling on Sunday. It kinda sets my world all straight and stuff. Eventually though, one can only shovel so much. I parked my ass on the couch for the remainder of the day and watched movie, after movie, after movie. Whatever came on next, that's what I watched. I saw Jersey Girl, Captain Ron (again), Nothing To Lose... I can't even remember them all anymore. My bum was moments away from growing roots in to the cushion and developing bed sores. The fact that I have been training Jack to retrieve beverages from the fridge and Ozzy to make more popcorn, although they haven't quite caught on yet, is not helping matters.

Good thing I went to the grocery store on Saturday because I wouldn't of had enough popcorn to get me through that. As you might expect, the store was PACKED with desperate people looking for bread, milk, donuts, scotch tape, whatever they could grab... you know, just in case the snow swallowed up their houses and dingos came for the children, and fire rained from the sky, and mountains moved across the sea... for the next two whole days. These poor people might starve to death, you know.

Hell, all I wanted was a nice london broil and some popping corn.

Some how, however, I came home with a cart full of food. Perhaps it was the mass of people running through the aisles with pounds of crap piled high in their carts. Maybe I felt the need to feed too, I don't know. Suddenly I found myself fighting for the last box of chocolate chip cookies. One never knows when you'll have a cookie fit in a snow storm but dammit, I was gonna be prepared for one. It might not seem like good exercise, but when you go grocery shopping with nothing more than a mental list, you seem to find yourself hitting the same aisles over and over again at opposite ends of the store. I decided I wanted taco's, so I grabbed the taco kit, then scampered to produce for a head of lettuce, then ran to get the beef, then hit the dairy section for sour cream, then back to produce for a tomato, then back to dairy for cheddar...

Yeah baby, I burned some calories.

Thursday I REALLY burned calories. I went to sword class like always, but this time found myself being the only student to show up!

Yup. It was me and the instuctor. Me. And the Instructor.

The instructor.



Oh God.

At first I wondered if it would feel awkward, but no, refreshingly, it did not . After all, the two of us are friends, so why should it? I actually had a great time! We did 1/2 hour of sword and then as per my request, another 1/2 hour of heavy bag, and then finished up with some crunches. By the end of class, my face was so red it looked like a stop light. And my stomach - my stomach was all kinds of sour. Why? BECAUSE. Usually we do 1/2 hour of cardio and 1/2 hour of body sculpting stuff. This time, because of my request for bags, we just did an hour straight of hard cardio.


But it felt really awesome and I was pretty proud of myself for sticking through it. Ha! What choice did I have? I think she would have noticed if I sat down, and I'm too proud to wimp out. Besides, it was particularly obvious when I screwed up my sword technique, I wasn't about to let her know if I was tired.

Which I wasn't.



So that's about it. I hope you didn't trip from going backwards so fast. At least you know what's up and that's whats important.
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