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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Alright. This is a record for me I think. This is the THIRD thing I've posted today. But don't read this and not read the rest. That wouldn't be fair to the other posts, now would it.

The 7 Things Meme

Things I plan to do before I die:
1. Go to Scotland and see my castle
2. Build my cabin in the meadow along side the enchanted woods in front of the lake with bass on the side of rolling hills outside of that really cool city full of nightlife
3. Have a career that I love
4. Have a child
5. own me my favorite breeds of dogs
6. Learn how to play the violin or cello
7. Grow my hair to my ass

7 things I can do:
1. Take nice pictures
2. Play with graphics
3. Make a mean roasted turkey or roasted chicken
4. Find the silver lining in most situations
5. Give people the benefit of the doubt
6. Throw a kick ass party
7. Rescue an animal with out blinking an eye

7 things I cannot do:
1. clean my house
2. clean my car
3. sleep with my arm over my head
4. figure out what I want to do career wise
5. have confidence in myself
6. deal with people starring at me
7. take constructive criticism well when its something I worked hard on

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. confidence
2. shoulders and eyes
3. tattoos
4. inner strength and outer toughness
5. intelligence
6. putting me first before anything
7. not minding that I cannot clean my house or clean my car

7 things that I say most often:
1. That's Bullshit
2. Holy cow
3. Earl
4. I love you
5. What’s for dinner?
6. Dude, what the fuck?!
7. hmmm

7 celebrity crushes:
1. Johnny Depp
2.Jesse James
3. Owen Wilson (it’s the nose)
4. Vin Diesel
5. Tommy Lee (shut up)
6. Collin Farrel (it’s the accent)
7. Angelina Jolie (and no, not in that way…)

7 people I want to do this (note - if you dont see you're name its because someone has already tagged you elsewhere):
1. Skyqueen
2. Angel
3. Fullofit
4. Holy Schmidt
5. BuddhaJazz
6. Bluegrass Mama
7. AccordingtoQ
It's "What a great guy I have" Day -

I know I just posted something today - and if you havent read it yet, you should because it's regarding my wonderful neighbors - but I couldn't resist...

Because when you come back to your desk and find these all over your monitor-

You can't help but tell the world that after 16 years, Your man still leaves you love notes...

And has been ...

Whenever and wherever you least expect it (including one with a frowny face to tell me he missed me once when I was out).

What has your special someone done lately that makes you mushy all over again?
So my neighbor came over to apologize for the other night…

Let me first remind you of who lives next door - There is an 60ish year old man (who speaks no English), his 40ish year old girlfriend (who tried to dye her hair blonde so of course it came out orange), her 10ish year old son (the one who is volume challenged and screams like a little girl, barks like a dog, and has to say “hi” to me every 3 seconds while I’m outside), her 30ish year old brother (who I’m going to call Pedro because he is the only one who seems to have any bit of human decency), and another 20ish year old women with baby twins (I’m guessing she is probably the sister or her brother’s wife.)

We came home last night around 6pm. I ran inside to get my workout stuff and Earl parked the car. Pedro came running over with his hand extended out to Earl, and they shook hands while Pedro apologized up and down. He said his nephew was the one who went into our yard Saturday night, apparently to retreive his ball, which is what I figured. Earl said the reason that’s not a good idea is that our dogs are:
A) Not friendly to little kids - upon which the guy said, Ooooh I know! –

B) Will leave the yard and get hit by cars.

The guy told us that he was in the house the whole time and did not know what was going on until his friend came in and told him I was giving him a bunch of shit about the fence and he told his friend that we are good people and to leave us alone.

At this time I had joined the conversation, and Earl said that his friend has no right to scare me, and Pedro replied, “What?! What did he say?!” Upon which I was more than happy to tell him allll about it, and said I own this property and don’t deserve to get any attitude about keeping my own gate closed. He agreed that his friend was completely wrong and out of line - Seems his friend conveniently didn’t mention any of this that night to him... Pedro couldn’t stop apologizing and promised it would never happen again.

So this guy is off my list…

The mother of the child, however, is not. She was watching and listening to the whole conversation and never once bothered to come over and speak to us regarding the actions of her own son. No - “ I’m sorry he went into your yard. I know it wasn’t smart” (and I can guarantee he never once stopped to see if there was a dog actually in the yard when he came in – OMG, could you imagine!). No – “I’ve spoken to him about it and promise it wont happen again.” Nope. Nothing. She let her brother do all the talking. Figures. I don’t think she cared either way – and she’s the one I gave the stupid pie to in the first place. I’m sure she would care if her son had gotten bit – or had a lawsuit slapped on her ass for trespassing and letting my dogs out.

Now at least I know who to talk to when there is a problem - Good ol’ Pedro. Please remind me not to call him that when I see him... Hopefully, this will work itself out now that we have someone with a brain on the other side of the fence.