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Sunday, April 10, 2005

We just got back from a eating out.
Once in awhile, no one wants to cook - that's for sure. And tonight was our night. So we went down to Pizza Como, an EXCELLENT pizza joint/sports bar. While we sat and ate our Stromboli (I know, that wasn't on my low cholesterol diet) I looked around at the people in the bar.

I'm am certain, you all have taken in your surroundings in the hopes that you can find a blog...

And so I looked... and so I found.

There were 11 men and 3 couples sitting around the bar. Each of the eleven men sat by themselves with at least one chair in between the next patron. None of them talked to each other, none of them made eye contact with anything but the hanging TVs. They each had chicken fingers served in a basket or some other pathetic form of dinner in front of them - and a beer.

They were there when we arrived, and they were there when we left.

I ask you men out there - why are these guys eating dinner out of a basket... do they not want to go home to their wives, or do they not have anyone to go home to?

I ask you.

I asked Earl too. He said, yes. In other words, maybe a little of both.

Is that sad or what?

Makes me appreciate having a home I want to eat dinner in. Makes me appreciate having a spouse I want to eat out with...

Makes me appreciate the life I have.