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Thursday, February 16, 2006


I don't find myself taking too many pictures of city life - Although there are many interesting things that happen there, I am partial to the type of wildlife that grows fur and walks on four legs (for the most part.) But here I caught myself walking the streets of San Francisco and this has become one of my favorite shots...

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For our first wedding anniversary, I bought two tickets to a September 49er's game against the Browns in the one and only 3Com Park... It had always been a dream of his, one that he never thought would ever come true. Plus, I thought the tickets would be appropiate being that your first anniversary is supposed to be paper.
The 49ers lost, of course, but it was an amazing feeling to be sitting there with them while they were losing. I can remember taking our first step into the stadium and how breathtaking it was! It was also a surprising 95 degrees in the Bay, which is not too common. Did we have hats or sunblock? No - but I had lots of football stickers all over my face so the tan lines were very interesting and Earl had a great excuse to pay $30 for a 49ers baseball hat.
We had box seats just a few rows back from the end zone. I had my new (at the time) 35mm Canon Rebel EOS Ti and a 300mm zoom with me to get shots of the game. Got a couple good ones too but its hard when fans keep jumping up in front of you. They spill your beer alot too.
I always like to brag about this being one of the cooler ideas I've had. I mean, how many wives buy their husbands football tickets on their first anniversary? Yeah, I'm still patting myself on the back for that one...
Although Earl lived in California briefly when he was a just a wee baby boy, he hadn't ever revisited nor had I ever set foot in that great state. I definately would recommend San Fran to anybody looking for a great vacation. It was a fun town with LOTS to do and see! Just try not to leave your $50 worth of chocolate in the taxi cause you'll never see it again.
And who knows, I may just take some more pictures of city life. Bethlehem is a pretty crazy little town too - guess I could start there.