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Thursday, December 15, 2005

All I can say is, why do these things aways happen the week before Christmas?

Thank you my friends for your kind words. I am afraid, however, the problems don’t end there... And please excuse any misspellings, misgrammer use, and anything else wrong with this post, cause at this point - its the last thing I'm worried about.

The car got us home last night from work just fine. I took it then to my bag class and worked out for an hour. When I went to leave – you guessed it – the car wouldn’t start.

It was all of 6 degrees out and I have nothing but a t-shirt, nylon workout pants and a coat on. Fortunately, the karate studio is still opened and I have someone come out to try and jump it. Well to make a long story short, its not the battery so that didn’t help. AAA had originally told me they’d be there anyway between 60-90 minutes, but should up in about 10. He pushed started it which got it going, and told me not to turn it off, or for God’s sake don’t stall it. I got home, backed it into the driveway and went inside.

This morning, it still won’t start. Earl spent forever trying to figure out the problem but alas, could not fix it. The two of us decided to try and push start it but since my driveway has a slight divitte, it got stuck and we never made it completely out of the driveway. Our neighbor came over and the three of us attempted to push it back into the driveway as it was now hanging out half way, but we couldn’t move it.

Because incase you didn't know already, cars are heavy.

So I called AAA to come out again, which took them an hour and a half. He wanted to try and push start it but Earl told the guy that that would mean we would be then stranded at the shop, and to just please tow it. The guy really didn’t want to bother and even though we shouldn’t have had to, we tipped the guy to inspire him to take the car in for us.

So with the car gone, I got on the phone with AAA who offered a discount rental car through Hertz. I called Hertz and asked for the cheapest thing they had, and then called a taxi to take us there.

The taxi driver was the world’s most annoying man ever. He told us about how he lost his license for 10 years for motor violations, how he used to drink all the time and was amazed that he never got a DWI, and how he used to be Allentown’s biggest cocaine kingpin. Thanks guy, we needed to know that.

So then we get to Hertz. The taxi cost me $20 of which I had to take out of my Christmas money. And although I am insured through State Farm to drive the Hertz car, I am not covered for Loss of Use, and seeing how my luck has been lately, I wanted all the protection they could give me and paid for that out of my pocket.

Of the $200 left on my credit card, I had to use $116 towards the rental. Although they did upgrade me for free from a Festiva to a Corolla, which was very kind.

We got to work at 1:15pm so I hope they consider that worth ½ day so we can get paid for it. I did everything possible to get to work; I only hope they realize that.

I’m still waiting for Strauss to call. If they think the car’s problem is related to the accident, then I will be covered for the rental car. If its pure coincidence, then no. Its just one more thing for us to deal with this week, on top paying to get the car fixed.

Again, I will not ask – what else could happen – because obviously, something always can.

UPDATE: Strauss just called. My car's done.


I just spent $116 on a rental. What do you mean - ITS DONE. Its only 4:00! Shit. What else could go wroooo... NEVERMIND. Forget I even thought it.

Oh, I know. How about it was just a stupid bad wire to the starter and had nothing to do with the accident which means I don't get reimburrsed for anything - but instead, am out $135 more to fix it.

I can't win.