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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This just in.

Before you read this, you must read the post below it from last night to understand what is going on and why this update is so important...

So go, go now and read the post below this one first. I'll wait for you.

Done? Okay, proceed.

This is now today. I just went to talk to Earl about what happened last night. I started off by asking him if he woke up at all last night and came downstairs. I did not say anything about what time it was.

Earl said no, he had not come downstairs.

I told him that 'someone' did, as I heard heavy foot steps that started at the top of the stairs, continue all the way down, and end on the wood floor.

Before I could say anything more, he looked at me and said this...

"The bed was shaking at 9:45 last night."

"Excuse me??"

He explained that while he was trying to sleep, he felt three or four times, a series of shakes on his side, like someone pushing on the bed trying to wake him up.

"What did you do??"

"I told them, 'that's really funny, now go away', and they did. They must have went downstairs to fuck with you."

"And that was at 9:45."


"Well they came down the stairs alright. I know it was before 10 because the New Orleans documentary started at 10, and all this happened right before that show came on."

I am now looking up the name of our town clerk to see if he or she can give me the 411 on our house and property. I know the house was built in 1890, and I know that our road is even older than that. Before Bethlehem even existed, Wyandotte Street was the only road that existed between this area and Philidelphia. It was one big long dirt road. Just last month, the town tore the road up to repave it, and we got to see the original bricks that lie underneith. Ironically, under the grass in our yard, is all brick. I believe our house was built on top of what was once a much wider road.

Well, we'll see what the town has to say.