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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Today I actually let myself sleep through my 5:30am workout because I thought I deserved it.

Today I turned down a fresh buttered roll for an apple.

Today I got angry with someone for having a more organized retirement plan than me, mostly because I don't have one.

Today I got irritated with another someone for telling me about the great deal he got on insurance - and no, it wasn't the gecko.

Today I discovered that I may be experiencing PMS.

Today I felt the need to eat many honey pretzels.

Today I daydreamed some more about becoming a famous wildlife photographer.

Today I was annoyed by someone's advice to roll my property taxes into my equity, or whatever he said. Probably because I don't have any real equity yet.

Today I watched a familiar face pass away and get carried out on a stretcher under a blanket and slid directly into a hurse. I've never seen that before.

Today I ate too many rosemary and olive oil triscuits because I was out of honey pretzels.

Today I thought there were many people I work with that needed to be extinguished.

Today I wanted to punch someone for telling me that he pays all his bills online because he insinuated that I didn't when I do.

Today I was delayed on my commute home and missed my class.

Today I had to drive both ways to work.

Today I got Wendy's for dinner for the first time in about 7 months.

Today I made a mental note that the chicken nuggets are better than jr. bacon burgers and I don't ever need to buy them both again.

Today I realized it wasn't Thursday.

Today I verified that is more fun to be bad than it is to be good, although being good is much more gratifying.

Today I had a pleasant conversation with Columbus, Ohio.

Today I got to email with two of my favorite blog friends and got to know both of them a little bit better.

Today I was asked about being a lord of war, although I consider myself just a mere princess.

Today I wondered if American Idol was on because I have nothing else to do because I'm home for once because I missed my class and ate Wendy's for dinner and washed it down with some beer.

....What did you do today?