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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Turd Poetry - I was tagged by the almighty Schmidt.

Turd in a punch bowl.
Cause mom's all liquored up tonight.
Turd in a punch bowl.
Called it a Tootsie Roll and took a bite.

Here are the rules for Turd Poetry:
1. Write a four line poem with the 1st and 3rd lines being "turd in a punch bowl"
2. Make lines 2 and 4 rhyme, using any topic
3. Tag three other bloggers and force them to post a turdy poem on their own turdy blog.

I'm a taggin Jenorama, Vicki, and Keri
Show me whatcha got girls. Get ta turding...

This just in - one of the tagged just submitted a secret turd poem. I hope you can hear it as she's is whispering:

Turd's in the punch bowl
Cat's on the table
Turd's in the punch bowl
Acrobat, she's able!
Your Porn Star Name is: Auntie Tata

Hey Keri (not that Keri!! Keri from 500miles2nowhere)


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And it's "Sigmond AND the sea monsterS" - I never knew that! I thought it was Sigmond The Sea Monster. Now that I think about it, there was more than one, wasn't there. Well, I stand corrected.

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