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Monday, August 01, 2005


I dont think I'm alone here.

What I'm about to tell you just happened. Its not an exaggeration. Its not made up. It is real. And I don't feel right all of a sudden.

Okay, hopefully you can hear me because I'm whispering. Not to be funny, but that's what I feel like I'm doing.

Earl went to bed already. I am supposed to be working... And I just had to stop and blog this...

I'm sitting here at my puter working. I just got done putting towels down on the kitchen floor because the dishwasher killed it. I have one of those portable ones that screws into the sink, and faucet spit it out, leaving the hose pouring on to the floor. Thank dog Jack for coming to get me. He's good at telling on things when they're being bad, especially when it's Ozzy.

Anywayyy, I got tired of cleaning the water up and sat back down to finish working. Ozzy was chewing his bone behind me while Jack lay at my feet. I tell you this so you know, it was not them. I sit at my desk here, which faces the stairway. I was not looking up at the stairway, but I am facing it...

I heard, what I thought was Earl, come heavy footedly down the stairs, quickly, stomping on each step until he reached the wood floor at the bottom, which creaked when he did so...

I heard him start at the top of the stairs, and make his way quickly down the whole stairway until he hit the wood floor at the bottom. I heard him. I heard him and thought, oh good, Earl is awake. I can show him what the dishwasher did. I heard him.

I heard him and I looked up to see him.

He was not there.

I looked further over the monitor.

He was not there.

I stood up and looked.

He was not there.

I got up and walked through the family room since the hallway is blocked with drywall. I wanted to tell him about the dishwasher.

He was not there.

My heart skipped a beat...

This was "the" moment. This is when my stomach turned and I lost my breath. This, is when I got that feeling.

I went to the staircase. I looked up it and saw nothing. I climbed it and saw nothing... except a shut bedroom door... just like Earl left it when he went to bed.

I could hear the air conditioning on in the bedroom. There was no where else Earl could be except in the bedroom.

I turned around and took a breath.

I Know. What I Heard.

I started down the steps and then stopped and backed myself back up to the top. I changed my speed and went down them quickly, thud thud thud, ending on the wood floor, thud creak... And it sounded - EXACTLY - like what I had just heard before. Heavy feet, running down the stairs and landing on the wood floor.

And I knew then, this night, I am not alone.

I was wondering when they would come around again. I guess tonight's the night.

Man. I wish Earl was awake because this one freaked the shit out of me. I've seen them do things that aren't in any sense of the word normal, like stacking my plates in the center of the kitchen floor. Once even, a woman cried out a moan in the bedroom, and it wasn't a happy moan, not the kind of moan you're supposed to hear inside a bedroom - that one I will NEVER forget.

But I have never heard them moving. Until tonight.

I am not making any of this up. I keep looking over the monitor because I am very uneasy at this time. Of course, I think I'm hearing a million things right now.

The TV is on in the other room. You'll never believe what is on too - "Ghosts in the New Orleans Cemetary".

I am freaking out... My eyes have water in them and my stomach is upset - because I heard him.

You know, its things like this that drive people mad.

I'll be okay. Tomorrow. Sometime tomorrow, I'll be okay.