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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

You would think that the universe would understand that the next time I have the opportunity to photograph a lunar eclipse will be in 2007 and that it would kindly REMOVE ALL THE DAMN CLOUDS OUT OF THE SKY FOR JUST A COUPLE HOURS so I can get my pictures...

But nooo.

I practice for an hour taking pictures of a totally normal full moon set back in a clear sky, getting all my cool effects prefected and testing out new things I've learned to do, and actually getting to the point of being completely sure of what I want, as well as comfortable in telling my camera to do several things at once to get the photo I'm desiring. HOWEVER, when the eclipse finally shows up, I get maybe 5 pictures (panicked of course as now I'm under pressure and excited and forget everything I know), when the clouds move in and take over.

That's it. Photo session done.

All the cool red and copper colors, hidden forever. Well, I have a little time left before the whole eclipse ends so every few minutes I'll pop my head out and check the sky...

Other than that, THANK YOU you stupid clouds.

This hobby is all about patience, and although I might get angry from time to time, that's me you still see out there waiting... and waiting... and waiting.