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Monday, July 18, 2005

Today is a big day for us. We actually PAID someone to come finish our drywall -

And he is here RIGHT NOW!

I'm so excited.

Earl's at work because he had no days left to take off, so I am here with T, our friend and general contractor. He's been here for 3 1/2 hours slapping those up sheets all because hubby and I are lame and lazy and can't seem to do it correctly, or at all. We started about year ago... gave it a good go at it... and found out we were doing it kinda incorrectly and not all our nails were hitting beams. Not our fault! Our house is over 100 years old and even a stud finder can't always find a stud... It did beep however every time I pointed it at Earl hahaha....

So anyway, we sucked at hanging it and called for reinforcements because I am SO SICK of staring at this incomplete room. Earl could probably sit awhile more and not let the "room that's continuously under construction" bother him, but I have plans for that room and I'm tired of dreaming about it. I just want it done!

So now with T here to help, we're on our way. But here I sit and I'm not sure what to do with myself while I'm waiting for T to finish. Having anybody over to do any type of work is a bit odd when you're all by yourself. What in heaven's name am I supposed to do? Offer him a drink? Been there done that. Offer to help? Not a chance. Stay out of his way? Bingo.

Soooo I have cleaned the entire kitchen, well except for the floor because alas, I have no floor cleaner and I'm not Martha Stewart enough yet to know what to substitute for floor cleaner. I learned my lesson last time when I used Dawn Dish Soap not to use that.

So after the kitchen I went outside to lay down some more cedar in the garden and MAN is it humid. It feels like hell, or Mexico, one or the other.

And even outside I could hear Jack. Did I mention? Jack. Won't. SHUT UP. I've locked all the beasts in the bedroom while T is here. We don't need them getting in the way, or worst yet, getting out. So they are being tortured as we speak by being locked in an air-conditioned room with the TV on with lots of food and water. Jack obviously has a problem with this and I am certain he will be horse by the time T leaves. I gave T a radio to drown out the racket, but he prefers to work to the rhyme of repetitious barking I guess.

So now I sit and blog. Something I haven't done since... well, since last night. That's right. I blogged last night, although you don't see it. I saved it as a draft because I need to grace it with a picture, something I cannot do until tomorrow when I get the digital from work. I know, I'm a big fat loser. I don't own a diggy of my own yet. But you see, the one I want is $1500 and I have $200 more to go before I have enough. All good things are worth waiting for, and trust me, this camera is no exception.

But back to me, sitting here now. I am hungry. No, I am STARVING. I can't eat in front of T, can I? Do contractors usually break for lunch? He's supposed to make a Home Depot run for more sheets soon, so maybe I'll do lunch with the wild beasts upstairs while he's gone. In the meantime, I'll go stuff some bananas down my throat to tame the savage monster in my belly.

I'd like to do some laundry but that would mean I'd have to turn off the air conditioning so I can run the dryer, and that will make the house a furnace for T and that wouldn't be very nice of me, would it. I think I'll go clean the bathroom instead. It could probably use it. Don't bathrooms always need it? I'll check back a little later when I have run out of things to do.

Lordy, what ever will I do in a couple weeks when B and whats-his-name come to install the bay window that's been sitting on our porch for 4 years. I'll have to make sure my house gets dirty again so I'll have something to do. I dont' think that will be too hard.