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Friday, December 01, 2006

Wow. Tis the Christmas season and yet, its 70 degrees outside. Not feeling too much like Santa is coming to town… at least not my town, which would be weird because it is Bethlehem. Rumor has it, Jesus was born somewhere around my block - but I think maybe it was the Spanish Jesus, pronounced Hey Zeus. But I hear Santa may be dropping the big white North Pole snow bomb on my brother in Missouri. So I’ll just have to trust that it will make its way across the country and give me a little some’tin some’tin.

Although as a homeowner, I'd rather have a low gas bill than a white Christmas. It's just wrong, I know. What has growing up done to me?

I don’t think anyone is reading this except Abi. Hi Abi!!

Blogging comes and goes in my book. I feel like it sometimes and then I totally don’t. I’ll have a million things to write about and then the next week, could care less about talking about any of it.

But I understand how annoying it can be to keep checking in and seeing the same stupid post day after day after day after day – so I’m a changing it now.

Our server is shutting down at work for updates at noon – I wont have much of anything to do for the next four hours. Should be exciting. I wont be able to post more stuff even if I wanted to. Tomorrow is another day, or so I’m told.

I got my custom made Christmas cards yesterday. I designed them in Shutterfly and I’m totally excited about mailing them out. I couldn’t afford to make a zillion of them, but I got some and they’re pertttty. I believe the template I chose is called Cranberry Snowflakes or something like that. Problem was, no body expects you to have as many pets as I do so I had to Photoshop some extra picture frames in. I hope the guys at Shutterfly recognized my brilliant talent and contact me for a job..

But there’s as much of a chance of that happening as having Tyra Banks notice you from her limo as you pass her on the highway and demand you pull over so she can sign you up as America’s Next Top Model.

Hey, anything can happen.

So now I’ve been interrupted to go take some pictures and email them out before the server goes down. So I must leave you.

It was short and sweet but maybe it will be enough to inspire me to post again tomorrow.

Later, Abi.