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Saturday, March 13, 2004

I am here!! I just sat down for some late lunch. I'm always late!! But at least I finally have a chance to write my first official entry in my blog. It may be a little boring. My thoughts aren't too creative right now. I figure a blog is there to just let it all out. However, from time to time, I may slip into Spookalot mode, or devote a Blog to a Spookalot adventure. Right now it would seem that I, Amy, is all you get. That probably made no sense.

It such a beautiful day outside so I thought I would tackle the yard. I just got done trying to bag up some of those shingles from the roof that are STILL laying in a horrible pile in the corner of our yard. I got all of 3 bear bags a quarter full before they were too heavy to move. The pile doesn't seem to have even shrunk at all :( I felt hopeless with my yard, as the other mound of junk sitting in the other corner of the yard will need to go to the junk yard. That's alot of "yards" for one sentence... But anyway, I am so tired of looking at the piles and just wish them to go away. I'm certain I have the whole "white trash" thing going; 3 tires, 2 radiators, carpet, a Xmas tree, etc. The weird thing is that my yard is clean compared to others in South Side Bethlehem.

I've suddenly realized that I didn't get even a fraction of what I wanted to get done on my vacation - which ends tomorrow. We have 3 whole pieces of dry wall up and I fear the room wont be finished by tomorrow, as Earl is presently playing hockey on the Xbox with Steve and that could last the rest of the day.

I did get a chance to spend time with my brother and his gal Jen (hi guys!). I haven't seen them in forever!! I got to meet Jen's 3 boys, who made me like kids again. I keep going in and out of wanting one for myself. Some kids are horrible and I cant imagine being responsible for them. Jen's boys are exceptionally wonderful little humans. I was greeted at the door by Sam and Tommy (boy, I hope I got the names matched up with the right faces). And then Christian came running up to me and threw his arms around my waist and gave me a mighty powerful hug. I thought to myself, now that's more like it. A couple nights before I spent the night at my girlfriends and her 5 year old went through my bag at 5 am and threw all my clothes about the room. Then when he was confronted about it in the morning by his mom, he said he didn't need to discuss it with her... Then daddy got in on it and I felt like I really wanted to go home.

Another thing I got to do on my vacation was go up to Monroe, NY to the yoga Ananda Ashram. It was quite an experience. I was very honored to be able to do yoga with a true yogi named Dharma Mettra. He is a rubber band, to say the least. The food was all veggan, which made me a little worried that it would not fill me up. But it did and I didn't need my secret stash of cheese wiz. I had some cheese wiz anyway, but I didn't need it. The people who run the Ashram actually live there, and never leave there, and they seem pretty disconnected from the real world but were wonderful to meet just the same. Their happiness and inner peace were truly inspiring. I went to the Ashram in search of what yoga is truly about. As I was practicing at home one day, I realized I wasn't sure why I was in Triangle. What is the purpose, what is the meaning of all this. What am I supposed to be meditating about? I think most people in my regular class do yoga to stay healthy or perhaps because its a fad with their friends, but I was searching for a deeper understanding of it. I wanted simply to know Why. Thankfully, I found my answers without even having to verbally ask the questions. That's what the Ashram can do for someone; it's what it did for me. Now my yoga practice has actual meaning, and my journey has just begun.

Okay, now that I have scared the crap out of most of you... Hey, we all have something that makes others stare vacantly at you.

WELL, that's my first Post! Went pretty smoothly, I think. I do believe I will try it again very soon. Maybe I'll run into Neighbor Dave and will have an amazing Neighbor Dave Saga or a Spookalot Adventure to share. Gotta go -