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Monday, July 17, 2006

Okay girls, I can officially say now, as I have just completed my first class with my new shock absorber, that it was worth every penny. And how many pennies was it, you ask? To answer your question Abi, it cost... OOoohh just... $40 beans. Ewwwww. Well, maybe it wasn't worth EVERY penny. Maybe I would say it was worth... $32.49... but not $40, cause I still felt some tissue tugging while doing 40 jumping jacks, but it kept me solid doing everything else. I'm happy with my purchase and recommend the product. I give it too boobies up.

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, read the post below - AND BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THAT WEBSITE.

You must, you must, you must. You must protect your bust. Hahaaa.

I am so excited. A while back, Earl sent me a website regarding the new SHOCK ABSORBER SPORTS BRA. I found it to be exactly what me and my poor sore boobs are desperately looking for. I’ve come to realize that while Wal-mart may be the ideal place to buy some things, it is not any girl over a size “C” sport’s bra headquarters.

It took me months and months to justify spending more than $20 on a quality sports bra, but the more I have to watch them try to knock my self out, I realized that no price is too much for comfort.

I discovered that you can purchase the SHOCK ABSORBER through Victoria’s Secret, so yesterday, we headed to the mall to see if it was all it was cracked up to be.

Now, I know I said I would NEVER buy from VS again. Their overpriced stuff is made from solid gold crap. But I believe that they are only a retailer for this product, so I figured it was okay to walk in and buy something from that wretched store.

And that's what I mumbled walking over the dirty pink carpet – “blah blah blah… wretched store… blah blah.”

Earl, of course, was torn between checking out the new Xbox games next door and going into Victoria’s with me. Ultimately, Victoria won but only briefly. He stayed long enough to help me find the sports bra section, then headed out to do some man shopping.

I grabbed my size, found the dressing room, figured out how the whole criss-cross back action thing worked, and then put it to the test with the ultimate challenge - jumping jacks.

I was satisfied. Very satisfied in fact. Yes, you bounce. But not very much and it was a very comfortable fit. I grabbed one more, made my purchase, and joined Earl next door in the game store.

Me: “I got two”

E: “Did you do some jumping jacks to make sure?”

Me: “yes.”

E: “I knew you would. I was standing here looking at the games thinking, right now Amy is doing jumping jacks in the dressing room”.

Me: “You know me too well”.

Tonight, I have an hour and a half kickboxing class. I will get to see just how well this miracle “maximum support” bra works. I can’t wait to see how much I don’t bounce while I’m bouncing around. I'll report back later to let you know how I do.

If you are interested in seeing why this product convinced me to give it a try, check out their website – Although, do yourself a favor - do not view with boys around. It very well may replace their favorite magazine...