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Friday, March 10, 2006

All I can say is -

CAN'T I HAVE ANYTHING TO WATCH ANYMORE ON SUNDAY NIGHTS??? Everytime I get a favorite show that I watch religiously...


CHARMED - Has been CANCELLED for the next season. This is it for my little witches. No more soup for you.

Well. I love my little witches. I actually, from time to time, have dreams about being part of their "power of three", only I make it the power of four, and we not only fight demons together but I am a friend to a sister in need. Last time it was Piper. She was horribly huge and pregnant and I was trying to console her by telling her she wasn't that big. The time before that, it was Pheobe. She was upset with her love life again, and in between dodging fireballs, I was giving her advice about staying strong.

Gee. You think I need some more girlsfriends in real life? Maybe mom could pop out a sister for me real quick. She's only what? 65? She could still do it... okay maybe not. But perhaps having just a brother wasn't enough for my fragile female subconscious.

Well, it appears that after this season, my dreams will be the only place I see the old Charmed ones again - together, that is. I'm sure they'll all move on and do their own thang...

Just remember girls, you wont have any superpowers anymore so be careful.

How depressing.

Well what can you do. It happened to Buffy. It happened to Angel. I'm sure it will happen to Supernatural. And after this season, it will be the fate of The Sopranos.

Hell, not to sound cheezy or anything, but even American Idol will be done after this season.

I am doomed. DOOMED I tell you. Everything I like. Gone.

Damn you Les Moonvez. I hate your guts. Leave my shows alone! And while you're at it, leave Howard alone too. Who do you think you are anyway? The GOD of media? Well you're not. Howard is. So go away and let me watch (and listen) to whatever the hell I want.

This is all pretty pathetic. I didn't even think I "had" any "shows". Not like the "people" I "work" with who "have" "shows" "every" "night". I'm never home to watch anything! I'm always at my classes when stuff is on. I only had a couple shows here and there!

And he has to go and take THEM AWAY.

JUST LEAVE ME MY GHOSTHUNTERS!!! That's ALL I ask. Besides, its on the Sci Fi channel, you stupid Moonvez guy, you cant touch it. It's mine.

All mine.