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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Boy I'm all about linking today!

I was just on Tom Green’s blog and found it very cool that he actually takes the time to not only blog about normal things, like grocery shopping and making guacamole, but also that he posts and replies, however briefly, to the emails that everyone sends - well, the best that he can considering how many he gets. He's keeping it real, as they say, and it's refreshing. I urge you to visit.

I clicked on the Email Tom link and saw Merit’s email about Pete and pugs up there and was like, Ooo! I know her!! And I got all excited. I got excited not only that I saw someone I knew but that I was actually on a celebrity’s blog. I don’t know why I was excited. Celebrities are normal people just like you and me. But I was still at a loss for words for an email to him. I don’t know what to say if I sent him one except that I too, like grocery stores and guacamole.

I have to get over this.

Amazingly enough, many celebrities have blogs, as I've learned from reading the wonderful blog by Sillynessa. She's not a celebrity - yet - but give her time.... Her blog has great celebrity type potential.

I liked Pam Anderson's blog too, although she calls it a "diary", and agreed with Sillynessa that Britney Spears was so rediculous I dont think I should waste my time linking to it... She was so obviously trying to make it so professional and fancy looking that it didnt seem even remotely personal and I seriously doubt she herself posts anything (oh hell, here then. But don't say I didn't warn you.)

In case you're interested in other celebrities, go here and see E!Online's must read blogs.