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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Ahh Hem..


And as she whispers in my ear,
My mind, it wanders far from here.
I see the land she speaks about,
Where silence is the word of mouth.

And she tells of where the lilacs grow,
Seductive winds around them blow.
Cradling inside the flowers womb,
Breezes caress the sweet perfume.

And cobalt skies spread their canopy,
While loving rains fall mysteriously.
Drunken flowers drown in bliss,
Warmed by golden sun beams kiss.

And by the stream where lilacs grow,
Misty purple waters flow.
Fragile petals long to dive,
and soak in waters so alive.

And in the breeze sways the willow,
The hypnotic lullaby quilts a pillow.
Soft grasses cushion their beds,
For sleepy eyes and tired heads.

And under the sun where the lilacs grow,
Downy clouds across will blow.
Releasing shadows to tease the light,
Casting silhouettes around in flight.

And butterflies completely envelope my spirit,
Nothing short of heaven could even come near it.
It seems like fairies are tickling my brain,
assuring me that I am more than sane.

And I feel her breath upon my face,
Her words are soft and sweet to taste.
My spirit is calm, my mind is hushed,
My essence is still and no longer rushed.

And I have to wonder if such a land exist,
Perhaps my mind has imagined all this?
If my eyes lay shut to dream such a place,
how did I feel such amazing grace?

Such familiar tranquility, I've been here before,
When I close my eyes, I open the door.
The bouquets are vivacious; vibrant is the vision.
It's not a fantasy, there is no decision.

This place of peace is here for me,
Whenever I need to be away and free.
I just have to breathe and her words will flow,
To bring me to the land where the lilacs grow.

-- Thus Spoke Spookalot
Thank you