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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Santa was good to me this year. He stuffed a Bugatti Veyron 16.4
in my stocking. He got the color right but I specifically remember asking for tinted windows.

When I get some time, I'll tell you what else I got...

BECAUSE the FACT that I was on the phone with IDIOTS from Verizon for TWO AND A HALF HOURS Thursday night to fix my Internet problem, only to be told that I can't speak to tech support because they all "went home already", and that they were sorry that the supposed appointment we had for Friday didn't exist so therefore no one was coming, and that probably I was just told that so they "could get off the phone" with me, and that the ticket we had opened had been closed so we'd have to open another, ANDDD that "BILL" the so called SUPERVISOR (who amazingly does not seem to exist today) that I was FINALLY switched to after begging and pleading with "Hanson" the moran who insisted we go through the 1-2-3 steps AGAIN because his stupid little manual didn't tell him what else to do, was moving our situation to a "LEVEL 3" in the "SECRETARIAL ESCALATION GROUP" and would IN FACT receive a phone call on Friday sometime between the hours of 8am and 5pm which ALL. NEVER. HAPPENED...........


TODAY I actually got to talk to a real Verizon tech guy from Rhode Island who informed me that he WASSS there until midnight that Thursday night, just like he is every night (and even several hours on Christmas) so that was rediculous that I wasn't allowed to get help, AND that those "customer service" people I had been dealing with aren't really employees of Verizon but rather work along side Verizon and are actually in some far off distant land like Canada or Texas or somewhere, AND that my situation had NEVER been escalated to "presidential appeal" along with no mention of the so called "promised" phone call, and that it was in fact a problem in the provisioning which caused him to rebound the circuit and rebuild the port...

PHhhhhhhhhh. Breath.

Dare I say it? Could Verizon actually be WORSE in pathetic run-arounds than the dreaded AOL??

We'll see when we get home.