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Friday, November 04, 2005

Aint he just the most beautiful thing you ever did see?

Ahhh bless his little soul.

Abi is getting down with her bad self and making these awesome little dominos for people. She puts images on them and then turns them into necklaces, pins, keychains and who knows what else. Do yourself a favor and go look at her creations - they are AMAZING!! I requested a keychain from her with Draga on it and sent over a couple images for her to play with, one of them being what you see above.

And now to completely confuse you - This morning as we were driving to work, I found myself craving that HUGE king sized Snickers bar in my kitchen cabinet for breakfast...


How is it possible that I get want something like that for breakfast? I can think of three little letters that would explain it...

Even more so, how is it possible that I get to work with this craving and it just so happens that its somebody's birthday in my office and there are homemade chocolate cookies, veggie platter with dip, and cheese and crackers waiting for me??

AND HOW is it possible that I grab the cookie and think WOW what are the chances, and take one bite only to then think, Um I dont really want this right now. I'll save it for after lunch...

PMS. It's a damn crazy thing.