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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

This is was my Tuesday – and WHOOOHHOOOOO boy. What a day.

I had to take Ozzy to the vet Tuesday morning with an emergency. Monday night we found him licking his dewclaw on his front left foot. It was grossly deformed and three times the size of his other. And may I say, it has never been like that before. But worse yet, it was severely broken - all the way up to the toe. I couldn’t even get near it without him screaming bloody hell. Poor baby had to sleep with it like that all night, but as soon as 8am rolled ‘round I was on the phone to the vet.

Well just because I was up, didn’t mean they were. I left a message and asked them to call me ASAP. In the meantime, I called work at and told T.J. (Earl’s boss, not mine) that my dog hurt his foot and I had to take him to the vet right away, and that we would be in as soon as we could.

He said, ‘Alright, Miss Amy’.

The vet called at 8:30am and told me to be there by 10. Perfect. I could still make it to work by 12:30 tops and get paid for a half day…

We got lucky at the vet’s office. Although I would have loved to have Shell – Dr. Sandrock to everyone else and a very good friend of mine - my next choice would have been Dr. Harley, the owner. And Dr. Harley it was. I didn't even see Shell there and assumed she must have the day off. Dr. Harley explained in cases like these, a mild tranquilizer was our best bet since she would have to cut the nail back really, really far… OUCHH. I agreed, as Ozzy was in so much pain and he is so strong (80lb. American Bulldog strong.)

So she poked him with a needle and he cried like she just broke his finger. OH boy.

Soon he started to feel pretty ‘good’ and stopped panting so hard. I'm sorry to say but I could tell the doc was in a little bit of a hurry. We could all hear the other animals piling in the office and although she was being attentive to us, she was trying to get this over with. Well… perhaps we should have waited a little longer for the tranq to set in.

It took THREE of us to sit on him so she could cut it OFF -

Yes, she cut the entire nail off, right up to the toe. She had to as it was broken that far.

OHH the SCREAMMMMMING coming from my poor bubby.

I’d never heard such cuss words coming from my guy. I got all emotional and tears were welling up in my eyes as my hands started to cramp from holding his back legs so tight. I attempted to rub his belly but the legs were just kicking so… The tech was laying on her stomach and across Ozzy’s body, and Dr. Harley was on her side, clipper in one hand and her foot in Ozzy’s chin to keep him from nipping the tech.

Although it was over in a second, the screaming was loud enough to shatter glass. He was struggling, and kicking, and swearing, wondering how his mom could have done this to him and what did he ever do to deserve such torture…

I imagined that everyone in the building must have thought his leg had been amputated without anesthesia.

And heyyyy, let’s not forget the bleeding that is accompanied with cutting a nail off. So the QuikStop was applied, which was followed by more screaming… But I know that QuikStop will sting like a bitch so I expected that one.

I was so worried Ozzy was going to have a stroke or a heart attack or break his leg... or something. But he survived. Dr. Harley wrapped his foot all nice and pretty with a cobalt blue bandage, gave him a shot of antibiotics and a script for more, and we were ready to head home.

Then the tranquilizer really kicked in.

Now I know we should have held off on all that mess for a few more minutes. He was so loopy when we left I had to carry his back end to the car. His legs kept collapsing from under him and he wouldn't use his bandaged foot, so he looked completely handicapped. He even fell asleep while I was writing the $103 check.

Aside from his sedation, his performance in the examination room earned him the title of their official drama queen – although Dr. Harley completely understood, adding a precious "hangnails are a BITCH."

It was a chore getting Ozzy in the car and then back out, and then up the one stair to the kitchen and into his bed… but we made it. I told Earl if he ever wanted to see Ozzy on drugs he better come look before he’s completely passed out, and he managed to catch a glimpse.

I talked to Shell (Dr. Sandrock) later that evening. Turns out she was working. She was in surgery at the time we were there. She said she heard this HORRIBLE, EAR SHATTERING screaming and wondered why in the hell somebody was torturing a poor animal like that… I told her it was us and Ozzy had a hangnail. She said that the tech that help us told her all about it, and as soon as Shell heard it was a dewclaw she new exactly what the screaming was for.

I apologized for interrupting her surgery but thanked her for her concern.

But if you readers wouldn't mind, could we back it up several hours to when we had to return to work…

When we got to work, TJ (Earl's boss, the one I spoke with in the morning) told him he was "disappointed in Earl for taking his dog to the vet because of a sore foot and that he should have waited until after hours for things like that, and had he known it was an emergency it would have been different."

As soon as Earl told me that, the steam came rolling out of my ears. I called TJ into my office and demanded to know what the problem was. He told me the same thing.

I stood my ground, this was my dog we were talking about. And TJ didn't have a problem when I talked to him in the morning. Why now?

Me - “Look TJ, I called this morning and specifically talked to you and told you I had to take care of this. I have worked for this company for 8 years and Earl has been here for 13. I don't make it a habit of calling in late for a scratch on my dog's foot or a stubbed toe. If I EVER call you and tell you I have to take care of something NOW, you better believe it's an emergency and I have no choice.”

He said that he thought since I was an animal lover that I may have just exaggerated the severity of the situation…

That burned my britches. How dare he.

Me - “Excuse me. There are PLENTY of people around here that come in late or leave early every day because of lesser things, and even more that take a whole day off 'just because' - my dog was in pain all night long and let me just tell you something TJ, LIFE HAPPENS and we all have to deal with it the best way we can and I'm not about to make my dog sit 10 more hours in pain because of any job. I've proved myself to this company and expect a little more credit than what you are giving me or Earl.”

TJ - "Well, I'm not accountable for you, I'm accountable for Earl and if he's not here than we are short handed…”

Me – “Deal with it! It was a couple of hours! The fact alone that MY boss - who is OVER you - doesn’t have a problem with us being late shows you that this isn’t an issue. In fact, Butch (my boss) asked Earl how our dog was as soon as we came in and said "these things happen, what are you going to do?"

TJ – “If you had specified on the phone that it was an "emergency" it would have been different”.

Me – “What the hell do you think I was telling you when I said I had to do this now???”

TJ – “Well you should have used the word emergency...

Me – “TJ, you can not tell me you are stuck on such a peaty detail. I didn't say the exact word 'emergency' but rather implied it by telling you I had to take care of something ASAP, and you couldn't put two and two together?? I should NOT have to go into detail about what happened, I should just have to tell you I need to take care of this and that should be good enough. If you had fallen and split your head open and I had to call for help, I should only have to say that you fell and that should be enough. When the help comes, I can explain what happened then, like I'm doing with you now. But in the meantime, it is trusted that it's an emergency. I've been here too long with an excellent history and this should not be an issue AT ALL. We live an hour away and I'm sorry that your 'employee' is my husband and we have to commute together, but that’s the way it is and when situations come up like the one this morning, we have to make decisions and play things by ear. We either have to handle it first thing and come in later, or if it's not an emergency, handle it after work. Obviously, if I say I have to do it now, it's important.”

He just put his head down and said, Okay. Am I done here? I said yes, as long as we are clear on this, and excused him.

Today (Wednesday) TJ isnt speaking to either of us... How immature can a 65 year old man be?

That resume to Olympus seems like a mighty fine thing to do this weekend....

Anyway, to add to the day, at 3:30 Cholly was paging Blanca over the intercom. I went into his office to give him something and mentioned that Blanca left for the day.(Blanca has had an arrangement with Butch for over a year that allows her to leave every Monday and Tuesday at 3:00 to babysit her daughter's kids.) Cholly didn’t know this and started drilling me for info.

'Where did she go?!'

I told him.

'Every Monday and Tuesday?!!'

Yes sir.

'When did this start?!!'

A long time ago.

I stopped the questioning by telling Cholly he better talk to Butch
about all this.


I said, "Blanca has an arrangement with Butch, you need to
speak with him..."

That's when I noticed Cholly’s intercom button was still ON and everybody in the building was listening to this... except Butch who is completely clueless what's going on.

I had to check in with Butch later on and mentioned I hope he wasn’t in trouble. Of course he had no idea what I was talking about and when I told him he started to sweat and I had to leave a note for Blanca to see him ASAP in the morning.

That would be “this” morning (Wednesday), and Blanca went to see Butch, and he made her stop leaving to babysit her grandkids.

Whoops and OH well. I feel awful for Blanca but Butch shouldn’t deceive his father like that.

I spent the rest of the night relaxing. I skipped pilates and just relaxed. Ozzy was feeling better and I started taking some pictures with my new macro lens. There were cool ice crystals on the window and I hopefully made some awesome black and whites.

I really hope they turn out as some of the crystals formed the perfect shape of a human skull. Not quite the Virgin Mary in a pancake, but you know what I mean. Would you come from miles to see it? Probably not, but it’s still cool. It will be a blog when the pictures are developed.