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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

An update on Maria -
I just found out that a few months ago, a good friend of ours unfortunately fell for a "Maria Scam."

Maria, the succubus, led our poor friend into thinking she liked him. She started giving him gifts of sorts; a teddy bear with hearts that said 'I love you' when you squeeze it, men's cologne, cards and assorted other gifts of affection. Naturally, he took this as a sign of this creature having some interest in him. So he splurged on a $40 watch for her at Christmas time.

She approached him after opening the gift. She said, "The band not fit". Knowing she could have just gotten a bigger band or added a link to the existing one, he asked her,

"What would you like me to do? Get a bigger one?"

She said, "No. I not like the style."

He was confused.

Again, he said, "Okayyy. What would you like me to do?"

She said, "You give me receipt. I exchange for one I like."

What an odd way to say thank you for a gift.

But he guessed he still wanted her to like it, so he gave her the receipt so she could exchange the watch.

He said to her, "I want to see the one you pick out."

She agreed.

She never showed him the exchange. In fact, she hasn't a watch at all on her wrist. That was December, this is June.

She returned the watch and kept the 40 bucks.

How indecent can a person be?

Even worse, she hasn't spoken a word about it to him but walks around like it never happened. And he is too burned to even breath the same air as her.

I also discovered that a couple of coworkers recently got rides home from Maria. Each of these people lived in route to Maria's house. She never even had to turn off the road that would take her straight to her own driveway. She charged EACH of them $5.

Today, I was told the other day something upset her and she blurted out, "Why does all the people hate me?" How about because she has no conscience, and possible no soul...

Can someone that clueless actually exist, or is she smarter than we think?