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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Stolen from Keri

Name six things in your purse/wallet:
1. sunglasses
2. checkbook
3. dental floss
4. mace
5. mini flashlight
6. oatmeal

Name five things that made you happy this week:
1. My husband & my animals
2. Being able to laugh at myself
3. Getting my tax refund
4. Spring in the air
5. Having someone in my kickboxing class tell me I look like I lost weight!

Name four things you'd like to do before the end of your lifetime:
1. Become a famous wildlife photographer
2. Learn how to play the violin or the cello
3. Have plenty of cushion in the bank
4. Live with Earl and our kids and lots of animals in a gorgeous log cabin with lots of windows and a huge stone fireplace, in a meadow by an enchanted forest, surrounded by rolling hills, next to a lake with a white sandy beach full of trout and bass, miles away from neighbors but right outside a city full of kick ass nightlife.

Name three things you plan on doing this weekend:
1. Sleep
2. Drink beer
3. House work

Name two things you'd buy for yourself if you had the money:
1. A service that would pick up my house and move it to the country.
2. A fishing boat for Earl.

Name one good thing about the last person you talked to:
1. That would be Audrey from work. She is THE most giving person I know and will completely exhaust herself and spend her last penny to help a stranger.