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Monday, January 23, 2006

So our dinner at the Japanese Steak House went well. And Dad whispered in my ear, "When are you going to mom about the cat?"

Son of a... "It is you! You are D."

He just smiled.

And no, I never really got around to talking to mom about Ming. We were preoccupado with the hibbachi guy tossing our meat around. He was straight from Japan and his name was David.

Um, thats not very Japanese, yo.

But he knew what he was doing and chop chop our shrimps and chickens. Although he did not light his hat on fire like the other chiefs, he did throw the utensils around and flipped pieces of zucchinis off his spatula, actually expecting us to catch them in our mouths. I hate that part and they do it everytime. I, for once, caught the damn thing. Everyone else's kept bouncing off their teeth. Yeah, we all looked attractive doing this.

David took a fancy to mom and gave her extra noodles and rice. He called her "mama" alot, "rightttt mama? You can do it mammaaa" and squeezed the bottle of fake catchup at her. She jumped, of course. We all do the first time. David had a nice bandage around his finger from a little mishap with the knifes but we had faith in him not to loose a digit in the scallops.

There were a lot of birthday people there that night. Everytime they had to celebrate one, the disco ball would spin and a posse of Japanese would come out banging metal plates together singing Hapee Bufday to Yu. I told my family if they did that to me, I'd cut them.

Mom and D, as he shall now be called, gave E and I (see, I can do it too!) the most amazing gift. I wish I blogged this at home so I could read to you what the print said, but now I'm at work (shhhhh!) and cant remember everything. Still, I want to tell you about this, so I'll do my best -

It was a digital print of the stars and the moon from the night of our wedding on top of Chainsaw Hill.

This meant ALOT considering the stars out there in country-town USA were the main reason we chose that hill. It's like a planetarium at night and I wanted everyone to see how amazing it looked - But of course as our luck would have it, we had torential down pour for most of the wedding. Funny I say that because some say it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day. I say that they only tell you that so you don't freak the F out. And if it is good luck, than Earl and I got an entire lifetimes worth in one shot. Eventually, the rain did stop. Fog and mist settled in the rolling hills, Lucus the dog kept the guest well herded, and the Highland cows came out from the woods and moo'd everyone. Finally, the moon emerged and shared the sky with a heavenly blanket of stars. We drank from goblets, were offered brotherhood by sword and protection of the gargoyle. The only thing missing were some kilts and a bag pipe.

Such a night to be remembered. So this print meant so much to us. Apparently, our moon was "new", which was something I had tried to remember recently and couldn't. The print also identified the constellations that were visible that night. I see that Pisces was pretty active... Man, who would have known? How beautiful is this gift! I didnt even know you could do something like this.

Take this hint - If you ever need a heart touching, make you cry, golf ball in the throat kinda gift - this is the one. When I get home, I'll take a picture of it and show you. It's THAT cool.

For the rest of the weekend, we did alot of cleaning. Saturday night Earl decided it was time to take all the plants down in the living room and wash the windows. Huh? Well when he decides to clean, I'm not going to stand in his way. Unfortunately, I was not in the cleaning mood. I forced myself to tidy up the hall where the drywall was but other than that I wasnt into it. I was in a sit on the couch and do nothing funk, and those funks are the hardest to fight.

Sunday I went grocery shopping and got the stuff to make my famous lasagna. That took all night. Um, thats about it.

Boy what a GREAT post. Well I had to check in. Not much to report. If I think of more, I'll add it on.

How was your weekend??
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