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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

OKAY. Now THIS pisses me off.

As if they don't have enough stuff. Whoops. I forgot Paris Hilton...

The Star Ledger reads:
"Lindsay Lohan, Will Smith and the dozens of other entertainers who are either presenting or preforming at the show [2005 American Music Awards] will each be given a gift basket that contains nearly 100 free items - including ownership of exactly one acre of land on the moon."

Excuse me? What exactly is that worth, pray tell?

"The moon "ownership" is done by a company called Lunar Federation, which says it plans to have the first private mission to the moon, thereby allowing it to create a moon government and secure land rights."

Okay, we cant get it right on Earth - so lets go currupt the moon now...

What the fuck? Well God forbid we have an object of solid mass that hasn't had some sort of government and land rights assigned to it...

Can we leave just ONE thing alone? For the sake of everything that exists - PLEASE??!!

You know, when I take pictures of the moon, I see probably one of the last things in our solar system that is free, unhindered and unbothered. I know its not a virgin, it has been touched already. But there are no skyscrappers, no bridges, no cars, no pollution or smog, and best of all, no freaking people. I know it's all because of a little issue called "lack of oxygen", otherwise we'd be up there for sure building condos. And its only a matter of time before they start constructing a dome that expands around the entire circumference to lock the oxygen in so we can. But as of now, it is there and we are here.

And not that the celebrities are going to go jump in the shuttle and vacation on their acre of moon land, leaving suntan lotion bottles and little umbrellas from their drinks laying around, but it still seems disgustingly materialistic to stake a claim (or be given a claim) in something that only the elite few have ever even set foot on.

Am I jealous? No. I don't want a piece of the moon. I don't think anyone should own a piece of the moon. Even though there are zillions of acres on it - Why?

Because it's the freaking MOON people. LEAVE IT ALONE. Go find some poor starving country to own an acre of and do something constructive with it.

What? "Congratulations! You now own an acre of Ethiopia" doesn't sound as exciting? At least you can go there without wearing a space suit. Anddd, you can actually do some good there if you really try.

And of ALL the people in the world to get a piece, WHY music stars? They make music. Big deal. What about people who really contribute to society - like soldiers, firefighters, police officers, teachers, doctors, the mailman, the garbage man... the guy who fixes broken traffic lights... our everyday heros of our world. I have no idea why people in the entertainment business even get paid so much, much less given a piece of the moon.

There. I've said my peace. It's how I feel. Go on and start the yelling. I can take it.