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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Well I thought I'd check in for a spell. Not much else to do 'round here... Besides clean the house and god forbid I do that...

Last night we went out to our favorite club for a drinky-poo. Cheap little place. 75 cent drafts. It's actually a gymnastics club, well at least on the first floor. Walk down the stairs to the basement, ring the bell, and if you're a member they'll let you in. At that time, you'll find yourself in what appears to be an underground bowling alley, complete with 5 lanes, 2 pool tables, darts, the world's most kick-ass jukebox. Oh yeah, there's a pretty nice little bar, too.

Like usual, we ran into some friends and had some good conversation to go with our drafts. Funny how you can learn something new about someone you've talked to a dozen times. We discovered one of our friends who does construction is pretty handy with drywall. He agreed to help us finish the drywall in our living room, but better yet, he said he'd help install our bay window, and that was way cool.

Our bay window has been sitting on our porch for only a few years...

It was given to us by a friend who works on houses. Apparently the owner of the window bought a bigger and better one and 'just didn't want this one anymore' (must be nice). He was going to throw it out but our friend talked him out of it and put it in his garage thinking he might use it but never did, and eventually just gave it to us. So here it sits, waiting to be installed.

But we never like to do anything right away... Always better if you procrastinate as long as possible until things start to fester and grow mold.

But back to our evening. Afterward awhile, we wandered home and went to sleep. Not too exciting.

In the morning, we slept in as much as possible, or rather until Earl got a call to go fishing. I wandered downstairs and plopped in front of the TV watching Lifetime. I only got up to get some popcorn and a piece of pizza. I think I watched 3 movies in a row. Earl eventually came home and is sitting in the living room with his fishing buddy playing hockey on the Xbox. I am blogging.

I actually have a mess of things I could be doing. It would be nice if I could get some stuff done. I have this list of things in my head that I can mentally check off as I do them, but for some reason when I start doing something I never end up finishing it. Apparently I try to do too much. As a matter of fact, I recently received a forwarded email about this and it made me realize that I wasn't alone with this problem. An example:

I'll go to wash the dishes but then see some junk mail that needs to be thrown out. I'll put down the sponge to take the junk mail to the garbage and realize the garbage has to go out. I'll put the junk mail down on the counter to tie the garbage bag up and start to take it out to the curb. But as I pass the car, I'll remember I left my coat in the backseat so I'll put the garbage down to get my coat, but then I'll see my plants are dry. I'll stop to water them with the hose, but then will notice as I look threw the window that I left the bread on the counter and the dogs are sniffing it. I'll drop the hose that I never even got to turn on, and I'll go inside to put the bread away but then notice the dogs have no water in their bowl. I'll put the bread back down on the counter to fill the bowl but realize there are dishes in the sink that need to be done. I'll put the bowl down on the counter to get the sponge wet... when I realize now I have an empty bowl on the counter next to a loaf of bread and a pile of junk mail, the garbage never past the car and my coat is still in the backseat, my plants are still dry and the dishes are still dirty.

So I've got nothing done, nothing is checked off my list, yet I'm exhausted. Perhaps I should make it easier on myself and just stop trying to do anything...

That's the extent of my weekend so far. Not much to read but it's something, I guess. Well, probably not. Definately not awared winning material. Maybe I'll blog later tonight when something really cool happens... I, ah, guess I'll just hang out here and wait for it.