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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

WELLLL thanks to two Lowe's gift cards I was able to replace my bathroom faucet as soon as it started to drown my bathroom! Usually, we have to wait a month for things to get replaced around here, even when there is water involved.

May I pleasseee introduce you all to..

My brand new Price Pfister Ashfield Collection rustic brushed spicket -

Isn't she the most beaUtiful thing you ever did see?! Ahhh it was love at first sight! Truly was. She's just so classy. And different. And farmy. AND CURRENT! BIGBIGBIG step up from the 1970's thing I had in there. AND she matches the finish on the shower head. I love it when things come together. Because of the gift cards, we could actually afford this baby. Don't tell anyone, but we actually paid what we would have for one of them lesser quality gadgets... But no one has to know that...

Now we just have to redo the entire rest of the bathroom to compliment the faucet....

Ha! Remember that commercial where they ask the designer to build the room around the fixture?! Yeah. Exactly. You thought they were nuts, me too. Not anymore.

Earl is installing her now, as we speak. I'm so exciting. It's like waiting for a baby to be born. Do people ever name their fixtures, you know, like they name their cars?

Uh oh. I hear him growling. Better go see what's not fitting.

Okay PHEW. False alarm. IT'S IN!

I can't wait for my first visitor to have to pee. Let's just hope they wash their hands.... Heyyy wait a minute... Ewwww I don't want their nasty peepee hands on my new faucet. I might just put in an extra sink so they can wash their hands FIRST before they wash their hands.

Now I'm starting to sound like that other commercial where the woman has a fancy dinner party but wont dirty up her new sink so makes her guests eat with paper plates and plasticware.

Okay, so apparently I'm even a little more excited about this new addition than I was when I got my new vacuum cleaner. Well, maybe alot more but hey, at least I really do appreciate the finer things in life... But I'm not going to kiss it good night. I promise.

At least, not everynight.
Hello all! It's been awhile I know - and no Abs, its not because TAPS is filming Ghost Hunters in my living room - although darnit all, I wish they were. Nope, but I have been busy just the same...

Geez lets see how many things I can link in one sentence...

So here is where I must toot my own horn. TOOT TOOT. I must, because who knows when I might be able to ever toot it again...

For those of you who don't already know, I finally got published! I sent my dandelion photo to Indigo Leaf Magazine awhile back. Well, as it turns out, they wanted to not only use it on the cover and but it became the inspiration for that issue's theme of "Breathe". Which in turn, deemed itself the name for my photo. I don't think there could be a more appropiate title.

So go check it out! Meanwhile, I am enjoying my 15 minutes of fame for I know that soon enough I will be replaced by the next featured artist. Such is life.

Where is that butler anyway? How long does one have to wait for some service around here??