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Monday, October 02, 2006

Wha Zuppppp! Just hangin with the boys...
Yeah that's right. It's Amy sitting with Ami and Chris from MIAMI INK at the Chopper Expo in Atlantic City on Saturday.

I had been sneaking shots of them before I actually got to meet them. Ami said, "This one. She should be our photographer. And I like her shirt."

I'm sorry... Was that a job offer???

In this one, Chris thought it was funny to copy my feet thing, I'm telling Jen how to focus my camera, and Ami shows off the Acid Cigar Case that I had them sign. Hey, you get creative when you don't have any paper.

That's right. I'm cool. So cool I even took some shots for the girls in front of us and emailed them over last night. Thats also because I'm such a nice person.

Toot toot! Kick asssssss!