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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Pop Quiz

Getting To Know You... Getting To Know Allll About You....
I have listed the questions in the comment section so you can put your answers there :)... except for the pictures... you must memorize the pictures... because I dont know how to do that... I don't even know if that's possible... sorry...

1) Would you happily eat the same food day after day?

2) Would you be a contestant on Fear Factor?

3) What's your favorite vice?

4) When you dream, are there particular objects that seem to reappear often, and if so, have you ever tried to figure out the significance of them?

5) Can you take criticism and blame without resentment?

6) What is it?

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7) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

8) For a healthier society, do you believe it would be better if we physically touched each other more often?

9) If you were given money and told you could only use it towards a cosmetic surgery, what would you want?

10) What do you collect, and why do you think you collect them?

11) What is it?

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12) If the bank gave you $10 extra when you cashed your check, would you tell them?

13) If the bank gave you $100 extra when you cashed your check, would you tell them?

14) Do you believe hatred should be avoided, expressed directly to those whom you hate, or always be felt but only expressed in limited circumstances?

15) What delicious morsel is non-negotiable in your diet? You will never give it up, you will always eat it, and your scale can bite you.

16) Do you feel the need to take something to relieve stress or tension, or do you rely on diet and exercise to feel better?

17) Do you sometimes find yourself complaining and boring people with your troubles?

18) In no more than two words, name something you are afraid of.

19) Are you understanding when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time, or do you get pissy with them and threaten to disown them?

20) Since 911, are you able to have no prejudice or discomfort WHATSOEVER with others' creeds, colors, religions, or beliefs?

21) What is it?

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22) Does the thought of vigorous physical exercise make you happy and ready to get to it, or cranky and make you want to find your couch?

23) What's the magic word?

24) Who is it?
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26) What's your poison?