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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Once upon a time, about 15 years ago, we had a massive snow storm in April. We all remember it as the "Easter Storm".

Last week, kids were walking around in tank tops and shorts...

Today, we have this -

I'm sending this one below to Ghosthunter so show them all the orbs I caught.... Its like a ghost orgy out there. BWHAAHAHAA. At least Jason and Grant can't say there dust balls.

So that orb picture was taken at 10:15 am. I just took the same one now, at 10:50am. Wow! Could I be any more exact as to where I was standing??

It's freak'in stick'in.

And the sky seems a bit darker...

Should be a fun ride home later. I'll keep you posted what we're up against here.

Seems that Friday, my day off, is going to be 65 degrees with thunderstorms. Huh - back to 65 degrees in two days. Well, I can't wait for the boombooms. If its gonna rain, it better thunder cause then I can watch scary movies all day with kettle corn popcorn and some nice Merlot. If it refuses to be sunny, then thats my idea of a perfect day off. Sunny days are good to have off too because you have lots of energy to get things done and you can be outside to enjoy the weather. But days like today are equally as good cause you can be inside and be warm. In fact, I could go for some of that corn and wine right now...

I think I think every day is perfect to have off. Yup, I'm pretty sure that's the case here.