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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sorry I haven’t been around.

I know I should post something – not just because some of you are really sick of looking at that spider – but also because I have just been so involved with learning Photoshop and playing with my camera that I would rather do that instead of write. I guess I go in and out of writing. Sometimes I feel that I have a lot to say, and other times I could care less if I say anything at all.

I will tell you about my weekend though. We went to the Motley Crue concert on Sunday night. I think Earl said it best – For a bunch of old guys, they really rocked the house - No pun intended (if you’re a Crue fan, you’d get that one.)

I FINALLY got to wear my cowboy hat. For real, where else can you where those things? But alas, my boots were still at the boot fixer. It kinda ruined my outfit not to have them, but no one missed them but me so I’m sure I looked just as crue-de-licious nonetheless. I got kinda crazy when I got home that night and actually took a picture of my hat and me in the mirror, which I will post for SPD on Thursday if I remember. See? I may not write all the time, but I’m always thinking about potential blog material….

Since there was no drinking inside the fair where the concert was, we spent our time before the band started at the bar outside of the fair. That’s where all the Crue fans were – and there were A LOT of us.

And eventually, I had to pee…

I made my way threw the masses and got a few Hee Haws from cowgirl admirers. That’s when I realized the line for the girl’s room was about a mile long.

And may I say, I have to agree with that new commercial for Coors Light and the example they give for “what could be more refreshing - if women would realize the line to the bathroom would move more quickly if they would just go by themselves" - I say now - Hell Yeah. It would be wayyy more refreshing.

I had to go so bad and seeing the men’s line was non-existent, I followed 2 bold women into the guy’s bathroom. NOT a pretty sight. As the first gal popped into the only stall with a door, I stood behind her friend who was next, and soon realized that I was about to be the only girl visible in this bathroom, and of course NOW the guys were pouring in. The first girl finished and left and her friend locked herself in the stall. I thought, Geezz if they didn’t wait for each other, what chance did I have for her waiting for me? Suddenly, I didn’t have to go so bad. There were guys all over the place peeing everywhere. I don’t think that it even fazed them I was there. A couple of them said, Whoaaa Cowgirl, to which I responded that if women would just go to the bathroom by themselves the girl’s line wouldn’t be so long… Sounded good, seeing as the commercial said it was true. But here I was with another girl and suddenly I looked like a hypocrite. I could see myself in the mirror and thought, damn why do I have to look so cute in this hat… I could have bolted right then but I didn’t feel right abandoning this other girl, so I waited for her to finish. She finally came out, and I said to her, Ready? Like we knew each other. I started to walk out with her but apparently she wasn’t bothered being in there at all and actually stopped to fix her hair in their mirror. So I left. She went from being a fellow female in need of back up to being a bimbo.

I went back to the bar where Earl and D were and told them what happened. Earl told me he would accompany me to the men’s room and went back to give it another try. So once again I found myself surrounded by the sound of many zippers and peeing members. Earl stood guard as I used the stall with the door. There was a beer bottle in the toilet facing downward like someone had tried to flush it. I said, Hey there’s a beer bottle in the toilet, to which someone responded, “Welcome to the men’s room, sweetheart.”

And no, I didn’t sit down.

The feeling of relief from holding potty so long some how makes situations like that so worth it. It wasn’t pretty but you do what you gotta do. I finished up and strutted out the door with my hubby. We passed the same girls that were waiting in line for the women’s room - They were still waiting... and I do believe they looked a little envious of moi.

We left the bar and headed out to the concert, where we found ourselves in another mile long line just to show them our tickets – only this one really probably was a mile long.

Oooh but the Crue made everything better. The concert was awesome, the music was loud, the explosions were kick ass and I am so glad they came to town. Might be the last time I get to see them all, seeing as Mick Mars looks like death warmed over. Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee were a show all in themselves, and Vince sounded fantastic. I tried to record Girls Girls Girls with my cell phone for my best friend who couldn’t make to the show, but the next day when I listened to it, all I got was krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – or in other words, the horrible sounded of several wasted minutes.

Hey, at least I was there to tell her about it.

So that was it. Awesome show. Like I said, Thursday I’ll put up my post-concert “hat picture in the mirror” – which is pretty good proof of how retarded someone can be when tequila gets in the bloodstream.