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Sunday, February 27, 2005

So now it's noon and I haven't done a thing. In my defense, we spent the night at our friends’ house and only got home at 10 this morning. And once again, after seeing all the beautiful remodeling they had done over the last two years, I was instantly depressed with the progress, or lack there of, that we had made over the last eight years on our house. And driving an hour home gave me plenty of time to plan yet another make over for the old homestead.

My thoughts ranged from taking a sledgehammer to the thing and pounding the crap out it to doing some laundry. I'd really like to just pick the whole thing up and shake it over the garbage can... But that's not going to happen. It's not even feasibly possible, but God do I wish it was. My ambition was clashing with what was realistic - but there was one thing I could do. I could clean. I could clean the heck out of it. That would be a good start.

So to start my house overhaul, I sat down and played with the computer. I read Jen's blog and amazingly enough, she was going through something similar with the piles and piles of projects hanging over her head. I hear ya, Jen.

My brilliant advice to her was stop getting anxious about undone things because no matter how much you do it will never be enough. Then I told her to go refill the toilet paper and get drunk in the bathtub and call it a day. Seems like getting drunk in the bathtub is a popular answer to problems.

Jen, I hope you can use some of that. Please don't drown.

But all that my words of wisdom did for me was to make me think more and more about what I have to do to the house today, and tomorrow, and everyday there after.

It's definitely just easier to ignore the chores, but contrary to popular belief, they don't go away. I contemplated just making some popcorn and plopping down in front of the TV because maybe there was a Lifetime movie I actually hadn't seen yet, and then of course, I contemplated sitting in front of the puter and blogging this whole thing, which I guess is what I decided to do because here I am. The popcorn is here with me and I have successfully covered the keyboard with butter. So I guess I am still not getting anything done except maybe releasing some stress by blogging about it. I did start the dryer, so that was a step in the right direction.

Perhaps there are just too many things on my list and I am too overwhelmed. None of my goals seem obtainable at this point.

Dur. Maybe I should just sit here and make more lame ass excuses like that one.