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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Yesterday, two pit bulls killed a chihuahua.

That, they say, is not "news".... News would be "Chihuahua is killed after attacking two pit bulls."

Where did this happen? Among many places around the country, yesterday it happened over yonder by me. The story is tragic. My heart sank reading about poor little 6-pound 5-year old Jinx getting torn apart by two unconfined, non-rabie vaccinated, unlicensed pits. I feared for my own dogs.

Why? Well not because I hate Pit Bulls. I hate the people who own them and don't know how to raise them correctly, or confine them properly, like I do my own dogs.

After reading stories like Jinx's, most would think "ooo oooo such evil, evil nasty monsters."

But I ask, who were the owners of these pits and where were they while their dogs ran around to wreck havock on poor Jinx?

The answer, my friends, is that the pits were own by one 19-year old boy and one 20-year old boy who did not even live in the same house. Neither had the dogs confined, neither were around to see their dogs roaming free, and neither were responsible enough to keep their dogs in their own yards.

Dog Owner.
Regardless Of What Breed You Own.
HAS To Be.

End Of Story.

If you own a German Shephard, know how to raise it properly.
If you own a Border Collie, know how to raise it properly.
If you own a Rabbit, know how to raise it properly.
If you own a Python, know how to raise it properly.
And if you own a Pit Bull, know how to raise it properly.

Before you buy any dog, research what the breed requires to be happy and healthy. Pit Bulls need exercise and love. Too many - TOO MANY - are owned simply because of their "reputation" and I am so SICK and TIRED of these IGNORANT and IRRESPOSIBLE children owning any type of dog.

ANY dog roaming free has the potential of getting into a fight. Especially when you own a breed that is known to be "dog-aggresive".

In my area, almost every male teenager I see - is walking a pit bull. Do they have any freaking idea how to care for this breed?

My answer is NO. Just read the papers.

It is my opinion that after so many problems with Pits, one should have to have a permit to own one. You need one for a turtle, why not a Pit?

The permit would state that you have been through so many hours of being educated and tested by the state on the proper rearing of such an animal. This alone may deter many from getting involved with Pits to begin with, possibly reducing incidences like Jinx's and even worse ones I'm sure you've heard. As it stands now, a litter born in anyone's basement is a welcome invitation for the next idiot to be "cool" without realizing the responsibility behind it.

A dog’s behavior that suggests cruel or misguided upbringing may result in a psychological evaluation of the owner, the home, and living conditions. Misguiding or improper raising of such an animal would be considered a potential threat to the well being of others, and fines or possible jail time would incur.

The soul purpose of the permit would be for the good of all. It would protect the owner from an improperly raised dog. It would protect the dog from a uneducated, ill intentioned, and/or negligent owner. And it would protect us neighbors from a misguided and/or maltreated dog's behavior.

This may seem like a lot to go through just to own a Pit Bull, or any other breeds with such a reputation. But there are just too many incidences of violence to ignore. Besides, if you truly loved and respected the breed, you would do it.

Because it is not the Pit Bull that needs to be punished.
It is the Pit Bull that needs our help.

Knowledge is power. Do yourself a favor - watch this - link

As a matter of fact, everyone who wants have a CHILD - should have to have a permit before having it. Perhaps in your town, you may not see the need for this - but in my town, almost every 14 to 15-year old girl has a baby in her belly or in her arms.

The penelty for her not getting a permit before getting pregnant? No welfare. And there isn't a single official who would grant a 14-year old a permit to reproduce.

Obviously I haven't all the answers or thought this out completely, but it sounds like a good idea to me