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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Go to class and work out tonight...


Run to BJ's and grab wings for Earl's famous Tequila Lime Chicken Wings for Saturday's birthday party and Sunday's Super Bowl/Birthday party, then kick shoes off at home because Friday is a vacation day and eat my weight in pistachios and beer...


It's hard to type with salty nuts on your fingertips.

Just so you know.

And riddle me this - How can you workout when you are staring at a FOUR-day weekend in the face?


Besides, do you know how hard it is to find chicken wings before the Super Bowl in the home state to one of the playing teams??? I had to go tonight.

And yes, I got ALLLL my work done so YES I have vacation days FRIDAY (tomorrow) and MONDAY and YESSS I have the LONGGGG BIRTHDAY WEEKEND I WANTED.

Thank you thank you. I appreciate your cheers.

And THANK YOU to all those who have wished me well FOR MY BIRTHDAY for I am a HUGE birthday celebration whore and need to bring attention to my BIRTHDAY to anyone and everyone when the time is appropriate and that time is now. Now being the time and the time is the fourth day before because the number is four and four shall be the number.

Up until four, I am quite. EXCEPT, to celebrate others whose birthhh day has come about. For you I cheer. But THIS weekend, my friends, is MY birthday. So come. Come and celebrate my birthday month, for I will celebrate yours. Truthfully and sincerely, I will.

I will.
I have (if I know about it)
And I always will.

It is the day you were BORN. As in - HELLO. I am here. Here I am.

So unless that is a bad day for you, then you should always recognize your "day" because it is the one day in the year that is YOURS.


Just don't make it a holiday cause that would make you a Satanist.

PS. I can send you the famous Tequila Lime Chicken Wing recipe if you want it. That, or you can bribe Merit to give it to you because I sent it to her during the recipe exchange thingy… even though I got recipes for Skillet Sensations and Jello.