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Friday, May 05, 2006

Today. I am bored. My mom used to say that only boring people are bored. I don’t think that’s true. I don’t consider myself boring, but I do consider myself extremely bored.

I can believe I still have 6 more hours to go at work.

Its such a nice day out too. What’s worse? Being at work when its gorgeous out, or being at work when its rainy and miserable out? When its nice, all you can think about is getting outside, doing all the other things you could be doing besides working. But you can't, so you sit all day. Then you feel like snacking. Because you're bored. If you were up and moving around, you wouldnt feel like that. So you get up and walk around. But then you eventually end up back at your desk. And you eventually start thinking about snacking again. But then you think about bathing suit season coming and how unprepared you are, and how the snacking will not help that at all. Then you sit and fight with yourself and your urges, and wish that you didnt have worry about this stuff and just be happy with what you look like and just do what makes you happy.

But you cant, because you arent.

When its crappy outside, all you want to do is curl up on the couch and fall asleep. But you're at work, so you can't, and all you do is feel like snacking. Comfort food. Like me endulge in some salty chips to make me feel better about being here instead of on my couch asleep. And why the hell not? Its miserable out and misery loves company.

So you do, because you can.

Its so hard to concentrate on either days... so when exactly is the perfect day to be at work? Let me rephrase that - When is the perfect day to not be bothered by fact that you are at work and not feel the urge to snack for any reason because you are perfectly content just the way you are?

I just don’t think there is one.