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Saturday, March 27, 2004

What did I do today? Well, let's see. I got up early (10:00 am) , which is rare for me on a Saturday, and went to kickboxing class. I like Saturday classes because we use the bags. There's nothing like the feeling of kicking and punching the hell out of a bag. Then I came home, took a shower, and did loads and loads of laundry while watching Lifetime. Yes, I am able to multi-task like that.

Remember the Wizard (Steve) and his Doll? Well, last night we went over the doll's house and met her folks and her best friend Trisha. They are all lovely people. While the guys were getting into heavy guy talk in the kitchen, the girls were out on the back porch talking girl talk.

The next thing I hear is a motorcycle speeding by, and the doll and Trisha got all giggly, wondering if it's some guy the doll knew. She said she wanted to hook Trisha up with him, only the doll acted much more interested in him than Trisha was. She couldn't stop going on about how cute she thought he was and she was obviously very excited about the chance of seeing him tonight.

So the bike pulled up to a house around the corner, and the girls were all too ready to run over and see this guy. Although I really felt like telling them that it is horrible to leave your boyfriend, and my husband, in the kitchen only to chase after some guy on a bike, I thought it would be a very old farty thing to say.

They dragged me with them with their Com'on Com'on's and I figured I would go and make sure they don't get in trouble. We caught up with the guy, and he was clearly too old for Trisha. He was kinda funny looking too; tall, big ears, an earring in each ear... This was like some wierd flash back to highschool, only I was the adult of the group. I felt very old and out of place and like this was not a good idea.

Then a second guy came out who was WAY too old for Trisha, and looked pretty grungy. But the four of them were talking up a storm in front of the one room apartment. The doll invited them over to her house, which I thought would make Steve really happy. At that point, they all went inside and left the door opened while I stood on the sidewalk looking at the stars. Again, I thought I am too old for this.

At that time, the earring guy invited me in and told me that I was very quiet. I thought, don't even try that line with me. I wanted to say that I was about 10 years older than anybody here, but what came out was, "Well, I like to listen." Sounded pretty stupid I guess, but I really didn't have my heart into any of this, much less trying come up with anything witty to say.

But, I didn't want to be rude, so I stepped into the house which was the size of a shoebox. It had one small family room/kitchen with a bathroom on the right. This is when I noticed that the doll and Trisha had gone to the bathroom together and closed the door behind them. Oh great. That's just perfect. Not only did I not want to join them in there, but I couldn't believe that they just left me out there by myself. I know MY friends would never have done that - and how immature was it for them to go to the bathroom together. Isn't that something we used to do in highschool? These girls are in their 20s. And I'm sure going to the bathroom together really impressed these guys.

So there I was standing by myself in the family room with two strange guys and an opened door.

There was an odd silence, so I made a comment - What is it with girls going to the bathroom together?

They laughed and said something about it that I dont even remember.

Then I remembered the doll invited these guys back to her house and for some reason, I think to make conversation, I asked, Soooo, are you going over to her house? I know I set myself up for this one, but the earring guy said, Do you want us to?

God, I was so tired of this.

I shrugged my shoulders and said,

"I don't care."

Pretty cold, but it was the truth. I wanted to leave and go back to my husband. I didn't even care how mean I sounded.

Yet, at the same time, those girls were acting so pathetic and immature, that my uninterested attitude may have actually been a turn on to these guys. You know how that goes. The older, more sophisticated woman with the uncaring attitude...

So after I said what I said and realized that it may have made them want me more than the bathroom girls, I knew I had to leave.

I yelled through the bathroom door, Hey! Get out here. They came out giggling and acting all silly. I told the doll I was drinking her last beer for making me wait for her, and took them by the hands and pulled them out the door.

It took forever to actually leave the yard because the doll kept flirting. Trisha was even done with it all and was walking with me.

We got back into the doll's house just as Earl was announcing it was time to go. He had to wake up early to go fishing. Meanwhile, Steve was still hanging out with the doll's father. This whole thing just had a funny smell.

When Earl and I got in to our car, I told him what happened. I said, that is why a 23 year old doesn't go out with a 34 year old. How unfair was it to Steve that his girlfriend was flirting with another guy, all while he was waiting for her in the kitchen with her dad? I said to Earl that I felt very uncomfortable and too old for that type of evening. I miss MY friends.

The doll told me once that before she actually met me and had just seen me around, she thought I was "reserved". No one had ever called me that before. I told her when she sees me in that state of looking reserved, I'm actually just sitting back and soaking it all in. I'm watching people and listening to them, and computing it all. Mostly because I don't want to get involved with people that are ignorant.

I think that is the one thing that makes me the most tired and irritated. The ignorance can just be unbareable.

And when you have MY friends, like my 3 best friends; my husband Earl, my Hedda Fedda, & my Jinnifir; rare souls with hearts of gold, sometimes it just feels that I have all the friends I need.