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Friday, April 28, 2006

Okay, this I just realized its been 18 days since my last post. I am afraid to say that because of the time elapsed, this post may have a tendency to travel. Alot. To places that have nothing to do with each other. Because my head is full of various things. At this time. So here we go.

Well so, it wasn’t the ice creams fault. In fact, it had little if anything to do with the ice cream. But thank you all for the care and concern. Actually, it was the crank shaft censor – again. That little bastard of a part has gone twice in two years. Although the cost to repair has doubled in that time (perhaps they just used a higher quality one this time), it still was an affordable fix.

That was last week.

This week – it was the coils.

Yes, that’s right. We broke down - again - Wednesday morning as we were going to work. Fortunately we had not gotten too far from Bethlehem when we lost a cylinder – again. We were able to ride on three back to the garage and leave it there for another day.

$220 later, we had new coils and it seems to be running pretty good – knock on wood.

But I believe I specifically requested that no extra expenses can occur this month because April is the worst month of the year for us and there isn’t a penny to spare. And here we go with two car repair bills one week apart from each other.

Which part of my ass will I pull this $220 out of? Your guess is as good as mine.

Oh yeah, and about two hours after I picked the car up, the “check engine” light came on….


I was going to enter a photo contest with a big grand prize of $25,000, and spent two weeks picking the pictures to submit, when I realized that the contest is limited to NJ residents.

Fudge. Finally, the one good thing about being a NJ resident and I'm 9 years too late.

So I found a great contest for PA residents…. Only I found a week after the entry deadline.


Trying to cheer myself up, I read an article on the front page of our local newspaper because it had a great big picture of a elderly black lab on it. It was entitled “Goodbye to Belle”, which should have been my first hint. Okay, I could guess how the story would end, but I was really expecting at the very least to get a heart touching tear in my eye and become inspired to enjoy every minute of life... Sadly, the story told of how the writer of the article had to help get the cancer ridden Belle into the back seat of the car so the owner could take her to the vet to put her down. It ended with her putting her head down and falling asleep - that was it. Nothing more. No words of hope, or grace, or anything.

Why did I read that article?

So check this out. I got this from Dr. S, my good friend/vet about one of the vets that used to work at my animal hospital.

The reason Dr. S sent me this article was because awhile back, I brought Q in unexpectedly for a scratched eye. Dr. S wasn't in, so Dr. Makem was the vet that saw Q. She put Q on meds for his eye, telling me she thought it might be a cold even though I told her he was playing with the other cats and it just happened. The next day, I saw Dr. S and told her about Q's eye. I showed her the medicine, which prompted her response of, "Why did she give you this?? This is for Herpes!"

Here is the newspaper article that Dr. S just emailed me! And may I say, Holy Shit Batman!

"Vet faked euthanasia, Bucks lawsuit alleges Couple accuse clinic of sedating dog, giving it to another person."

By Steve Wartenberg
Of The Morning CallApril 28, 2006

"As the tears flowed, Dana and Gary Ganyer thought they were watching the euthanasia of Annie, their beloved 2-year-old German shepherd with increasingly frequent and debilitating epileptic seizures."

Copyright (c) 2006, The Morning Call - READ this article!!