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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Okay. Before I start. I'll have you know. BLOGGER lost more than half of these pictures the first time I tried to post this. I'm just typing along and POOF, before I knew it, all but 4 (including all the crap I typed) were missing. I had to start over and I HATE starting over so this time, there is little order to how the pictures appear. One of BJ's Wholesale parking lot is in the middle of family stuff, but OH WELL. You'll deal, I'm sure.

So here we go before something else happens.

Here! I took some pictures of our holiday weekend for you! And looky there, you can see our "new" family room is almosttt finished! The red is up, although it still needs one more coat. The baseboard is not up, neither is the moulding... But the red is up. Did I mention that? Oh and the trim and ceiling are primed. So yes, its getting there.

That's a pretty cool commercial on the TV... What timing.

Here you can see my pretty Wal-Mart window dressings and the new cabinet I got for Christmas to hold the DVD player, Cable box, and Sirius - because this year... I asked for "functional" gifts. And I got some!

Earl is in the back putting together my Christmas treadmill. I plan to use it all year long, not just on Christmas. What you can't see is my Christmas heavy bag. Sorry.

Notice my couch "throws". They arent slipcovers - they are throws. Wal-mart said the difference is that they throw, not slip. Oh and lets not forget, they're half the price. Here the Jackalope and Santa Q can be seen relaxing on them. Also, on the left the beautiful lamp Earl gave me. It has a brother to match and we're going to color them copper to go with the room.

Santa took care of his animals this year and gave them lots of goodies!

oz-jackgift, originally uploaded by spookalot.

A long day makes for a tired puppy. Ozzy Claws takes a nap so that there is equal hair on each couch. And it appears that some place called "D&D" is having a "super sale" on Jan. 2nd. Better make a note of it.

Mom and her shiny new titanium knee. How many of you can say you got a new knee for Christmas? It was wrapped in 38 staples.

Dad opening his new swishy pants. Technically, they're called raingear. I, however, think they should be called by the sound they make.

My $25 tree! Finally you can see! And its been beautified by the dollar store. Right Abi! And unfortunately, the picture doesnt do it justice. I have to pat myself on the back as it really did come out nice. Mom even said it looked like something from Better Homes And Gardens. Yes, I'm that talented. Heheheeee. She's my mom. She's biased.

I don't know if everyone's dollar store is as good as mine. But if it is, then you know what I'm talking about. The bow however, was stolen off someone's gift at work.

Here are some of our Christmas eve yummies. And no, although tasty, the catnip was not part of the Smorgasbord. And thanks to my brother and Jen, we had a great dinner! They shipped us two steamed Main lobsters and half a dozen apple dumplings! Thanks AGAIN guys! I loved the lobster while Earl had a blast with the dry ice it was shipped in.
PS. Send more dry ice when possible.

yummies, originally uploaded by spookalot.

Salem with her new mouse. Kinda looks like the mouse and her are made out of the same shiny stuff...

salem, originally uploaded by spookalot.

Earl's new deep fryer! Mmmmm!

And here it is. Should be at the end, but its not. Its here and I'm not moving it. What is it? Its the beaUtiful sunset, compliments of the BJ's Wholesale parking lot. And the sun. And the rotation of the Earth probably had something to do with it.

bjsunset, originally uploaded by spookalot.


oz, originally uploaded by spookalot.

And what's Christmas without some festive goyles?

goyle1, originally uploaded by spookalot.

Bubby Jack the Jackalope.

jack, originally uploaded by spookalot.
What about Widgeon. Where's the kitty. Find the kitty!

findcat1, originally uploaded by spookalot.

Don't you wish you could be a cat for just one day?

findcat2, originally uploaded by spookalot.

So there you have it! A wonderful holiday weekend. What is not pictured, is the new two len's hoods for my camera and Earl's box set of George Carlin. Also, the folks got us some awesome sea salts from the Dead Sea that work wonders for the ol' hands and feets. Oh, and a snazy fishing rack and carry case for Earl's poles and reels. What a great gift!

Boy, I never get tired of Christmas. I'm sad its over. Now on to New Years, which is a scary holiday for me. It's like - what's going to happen this year...