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Friday, July 14, 2006

I'd like to take a moment to sing y'all a little diddly in regards to people throwing meat and other items over my fence...

Ohhh Lord, wont you buy me, a tall vinyl fence - My friends allll have wood ones, I must make a-mends. My chain-link, is too short, and made up of holes... Ohhh Lord, wont you buy me, a tall vinyl fence.

Thank you.

Not much new to report. Just the same old same old. I’ve taken some time almost every evening to do something in the yard to make it look nicer. Its always the perfect temperature and just so beautiful out around 8pm, so if I can pour myself a nice glass of Merlot and pull some weeds or transplant something or arrange some rocks by the door, then why not. It’s my time to relax. After devoting the first 10 hours of my day to my job and then another hour and a half to working out, I find this time to be therapeutic and very much my highlight, and I’d rather unwind in my garden then sit on the couch and watch TV.

Yesterday in sword class, my fellow swordster was telling me that she had been out for two weeks after being bit by her neighbor’s Pit Bull. She pulled the bandage back on her calf to reveal two of the largest, darkest, deepest puncture wounds I’d ever seen. It made me gasped.

I asked her how it happened, and she said that after a few times of the Pit Bull breaking the short chain the owners had it on, they decided to give it a longer chain. The problem was, the chain was now long enough for the dog to come right into her yard. So when Sword Girl went out to mow her lawn, the pit just crossed over and got her leg.

Now, Sword Girl is a wonderful animal lover. She does not hold anything against the dog. In fact, she said it was horribly hot and muggy that day, and the lawn mower was loud and scary, and thinks the dog was just in a bad mood or something.

In the past, she has helped to catch the dog after it has broken loose. She has feed it cookies and befriended it. But all this made no difference when it decided it didn’t want her to be mowing her lawn. In fact, the bite was so deep into the muscle that the hospital could not stitch it, and ended up leaving the two punctures open so it could heal.

So not only was Sword Girl out of commission for two weeks but she paid her own medical bill – the owners never even offered to. She is not going to sue either as she wants to keep peace between them, or something. Nor did she do anything more about it than report the attack but only because the hospital made her. In fact, the only thing the owners did was shorten the chain again - but only after Sword Girl asked them to do so.

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, the dog has been loose three times since it bit her just 14 days ago. She even had to call the owners to come get the dog off her porch.

Her other worry is for her own German Shepard. Pit Bulls are dog aggressive, and if this particular one is willing to bite a human, then her Shepard may be in danger if left unattended outside.

I applaud Sword Girl’s self-control and kind heart. I only hope it doesn’t make her sorry in the future if anything else happens to her or her Shepard.

As any good mom would admit, I could stand being bit myself, but if something were to threaten the life of my kids, you could bet your sweet ass I would not hesitate to correct the problem. If this incident ever happened to me, I would certainly not be so nice about it. It would burn my britches to know that the Pit’s owners might get away with out learning a lesson from all this. I would not be upset with the dog, but I would be outraged with the ridiculous, irresponsible, ignorant owners. Yes, things like this do have a tendency to happen, but for God's sake, be apologetic and offer to help rectify the situation. People like that should be banned from owning any animal ever again. I have to wonder what they let their actual children get away with.

And without question, my medical bills would be coming out of their pockets.

I do not believe that all Pit Bulls are bad. I believe it has to do with how they are raised. I know plenty of Pits that are just dandy dogs. I think any kind of dog can be bad if in the hands of irresponsible pet owners. Pit Bulls have a bad reputation. Are they all a bit unstable? Perhaps. I don’t know. Would I own one? Probably not. But I’m sure if I ever did, I would not have a problem with it getting loose or have it biting people.

It all comes down to this - If you own an aggressive canine, whatever breed, who is proficient in the art of escaping, do something about it.

This is all just so typical for people in my area. They do not understand common sense or have any inkling of courtesy or remorse for any wrong doing on their part. They simply don’t see that anything is ever their fault. And they all seem to own Pit Bulls.

Why is this? How were these people raised? One can’t help but to see the pattern here. If the people are like this, how could you expect their pets to be well behaved?

Am I being a bit harsh? Hey, I calls it as I sees it. In the words of Forrest Gump – “Stupid is as stupid does”.

And that's all I have to say about that.