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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Okay. You know what? I am OFFICIALLY prejudice against a certain race of people in my town. And those there folks, ARE STRONG WORDS. But I am SICK and TIRED of their freaking fucking attitudes.

This whole night, our new race of neighbors are throwing some WILD BASH. Yes. These are the same people who parked their car repeatedly in front of my driveway so we could not only get out but also made us hours late to work. The same ones we had towed… The same ones who KNOW how we feel about that… The same ones who must by now have MEMORIZED our No Parking signs…

So tonight, during this bash, I have not have a problem with the loud Rican music that seems to be the same beat over and over again, but rather instead, I have had it with their damn kid who cant seem to keep his freaking volume down – yet I let it go. Set that aside, I didn’t even mind the amount of people hanging out on the sidewalk in front of my gate, HOWEVER for the first couple hours of the party, they did allow one of their guests to park in front of my driveway AGAIN. They did not ASK us if it was okay, they just did it. After those couple hours, the car moved away but the fact still stands that they simply didn’t care.

And now this - Just a minute ago I was going to let my dogs out to pee – when I, like I always do, looked out the window to make sure the gate was latched – AND IT WAS WIDE FUCKING OPENED.

Now IIIII didn’t do it… Gee, I wonder whoooo….

And OOOhhh noooo. I was not going to let that go. I walked outside, grabbed the gated to shut it, and said to the three “gentlemen” that had been standing out in front ALL night with beer cans in hand,

“Excuse me. Did you (or perhaps I asked, “Do you know who…”) opened my gate?”

One of the three walked away. The second said, with drunken slanted eyes,

“I’ve been out here all night and I didn’t see anything.”

The third, the one with the backwards baseball cap, said to me very defensively,

“We didn’t open your gateeee.”

I said that somebody did because it was closed before and that I have two (and held my fingers up to count two) dogs and if I had let them out, they would have gotten out and got hit by cars…”

The guy replied, “Well I don’t know WHO opened your gate but as an ADULT it wasn’t us… maybe it was one of the kids (which I’m sure it was because he probably once again threw his stupid ball over our fence for the hundredth time and this time actually went in to retrieve it).

I said, “Sure. Just please don’t let it happen again.”

And instead of saying, ‘of course’ or something like that – he said,

“What’s up is you ACCUSING us of opening your stupid gate…”

I cut him off there and said, “I did NOT ACCUSE you of ANYTHING – I ASKED you if you opened it. I like my neighbors (I lied about that) and I want to keep it that way…”

And this guy opens his mouth like he IS my neighbor or knows anything about it, and says,


“Oh really...” I said, thinking yeah THAT would have fixed the problem. THAT would have not allowed my gate to have been opened again and not allowed my dogs to have been potentially put in danger. Yeah, that would have made my point REAL clear… “Oh really.” I said again, my voice surprisingly calm. “Uh Huh” – I know, it sounds lame but you have to believe me I had a stone cold look in my eyes, but the whole time I was fearing he is going to jump the fence and stab me.


I fear if I call the police to break up their party they will have it out for me. All I know is I HATE THEM right now... and now my dogs are begging to go out and pee...