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Monday, March 28, 2005

Ohh walways me. I fear I cannot go on. This virus has taken over my body and all hope seems grim. My skin hurts, my eyes hurt, my throat is on fire. I caution you all out there, this one is MEAN.

One minute I was fine, the next, not fine. It was that fast. In just a matter of seconds, I had forgotten what feeling fine felt like. My left gland had caught up in size with my right gland sometime before 3am and I woke to the bed sheets feeling like razors on my skin. I wanted more than anything to stay right where I was, even with sheets terrorizing my legs – but I had to go in to work and try to stick it out for four hours so I would still be paid for Good Friday.

I pulled myself out of bed by the scruff of my neck and threw on whatever clothes were in reach. I ignored my hair because my head hurt too bad and passed on the whole makeup thing, wondering what would be the point. Perhaps no makeup would scare people into sending me home early. So out the door I went.

What a long ride that was. Every mile was a chore. When I arrived, I quarantined myself in my husband’s office, figuring he has already been contaminated. And everywhere I dragged my achy legs I left a trail of Lysol behind me and on everything I touched.

My boss showed up right before 10am, took one look at me and sent me home. Said something about having to clean up diarrhea and vomit all weekend from his kids and didn’t want to have to do the same with me. So off I went, wishing I could have felt great and taken advantage of a free day. But it started to pour and I figured it was a perfect day to sleep off the flu.

As suspected, the ride home was hell and seemed never ending. I made it home by 11:00 and promptly collapsed on the bed. I woke up four hours later not feeling any better. In fact, my stomach must have felt left out and thought it would do some flip flops to remind me it was still there.

Now here I sit blogging about it, even though my strength is diminishing with every letter I type. Yeah, I think I’ll go lay down again. This isn’t a very exciting blog. I am confident I will survive this agonizing virus and I hope to blog again. Let’s all pray together.