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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Well I just had a luscious 5 days off, and only had to use two vacation days to do it because of the holiday weekend. Funny though, a week just isn’t enough. I need another, that’s for sure. So here I am back to work today.


I had a good break though. We had plans to go visit the folks on the farm Saturday afternoon to celebrate a belated Mother’s and Father’s Day, Earl’s birthday, and my aunt and uncle’s birthday (No, I wasn’t being celebrated for anything, except maybe for being a great daughter). So Friday I went to Wal-Mart and Home Depot and picked up my mom a stone birdbath, which was pretty cool considering she had just mentioned to my aunt that she wanted one only I didn’t know that.. Oooo how freaky. We got dad a really cute tote and duffle bag for his tools, and I found a birdfeeder for my aunt and uncle – And of course, I had to get myself a birdfeeder. While I was at it, I also got a hummingbird feeder and some solar lights for the garden. I know, I know. But I couldn’t help myself. They were on sale.

So Saturday we went up to the farm and I finally got to see our friend Sandy’s new house - Which was AMAZING! Yes it needs a LOT of work, as in new floors, cabinets, counter tops, paint, carpet, toilet, bathtub, lighting, etc, but it is a true treasure! It has everything you could possibly ask for: 2 acres of gorgeous land, 4 bathrooms, an indoor pool with heat lamps and tanning lights, a green house, a finished basement complete with Jacuzzi, work out equipment, a kitchen and a fireplace… Sure, the tile was pink and black and the toilet looked like someone died on it, but what a find!

When we got back from the farm, we headed to Nazareth to our friends trailer park for fireworks. They had about $800 worth… and so did the neighbors… Unfortunately, we may have inadvertently killed the 92-year old woman whose trailer was a mere 30 feet from our fireworks show. Someone let off a blockbuster, which roared through out the night sky, and soon after, police and an ambulance showed up at her house. A little after that, the coroner appeared. Whoops. Don’t worry; we bought the family a plant the next day. We couldn’t decided what the card should read -

“Sorry if we had anything to do with your mother’s death.”


“Here’s a plant to replace your loved one…”


"At least she went out with a bang..."

We eventually opted to ditch the card idea.

Sunday we went to a BBQ down the street where I ate my weight in spinach dip.

Monday we stayed home to practice our traditional “Fourth of July sitting on our roof to watch the Bethlehem fireworks display” – and may I say, it was the best they’ve ever done. All sorts of new colors, colors I’ve never seen before in a firework. Chartreuse! How cool! Olympus was sponsoring the show, so I guess the town had a little extra money to splurge with and got the good stuff this year.

Tuesday Earl was off to work and I had one more day to play. I hung up my new birdfeeders and set up my new lights. Then I made lasagna. Boy that took like 3 hours from start to finish. And for some reason, a couple glasses of red wine seemed like a good idea while I was baking Italian. Now I don't about you, but we're a cheesy kinda of lasagna type people... so I doubled the amount, which resulted in having to add more and more layers... and the lasagna became bigger and bigger and quickly out grew it's pan. I had to think fast and grabbed an aluminum turkey pan. It was a messy transfer but someone had to do it. After forever in the oven, it became a very pretty lasagna - large, very very large, but pretty. Later that night, we had two visitors stop by and each left with a healthy portion. Upon the second visitor, we cracked opened a couple beers and soon enough it was clear to me that I was not ready to snap out of my vacation zone…

Thus, today I feel pretty discombobulated and uncoordinated, so I wonder how the day will go.

So here I sit at my desk. The boss isn’t coming in today, so how happy am I? Very. I feel the woman I share my office with wants to chitchat about my long weekend, but I am pretty much not in the talky mood and am avoiding conversation. Besides, I'm trying to blog here. I was relieved to see not much had happened while I was gone. I had five whole emails waiting for me, one being junk mail and two being chain letters from my boss and the accounting department…

Oh and before I forget to mention it - Hey Vicki, I UPS’d the DVDs this morning! I hope you get them by Friday.

Well there’s my long weekend. Sorry I didn’t do my rounds 'round blog town. I was actually out and about instead of sitting at my puter. I have three days to get through before the weekend comes around again – and this Saturday we have a wedding to go to so that will surely have blogable material in it...

And now it seems I have some guns to get up on the company's site so I should go now and do that. I check in a little later to see what’s up.