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Monday, April 10, 2006

Where have I been. I have no idea. I feel lately that I just have nothing to say. I think this is a thing with me. I go in and out of blogging about everything that crosses my mind and then not blogging about anything at all because I dont feel like it. Thats usually when I'm entralled with something else, like taking pictures and playing with Photoshop.

I still dont have anything to say, aside from my car doesnt like me anymore because it waits until I am finished grocery shopping and have ice cream in the trunk before it decides it doesnt want to start.

Now, its been doing this off and on for a little while. It only happens when I turn it off for less than a couple hours and then try and to go somewhere. It sounds like it wants to start but cant find that last spark it needs. Usually, if I wait a little while, it will eventually start. But when ice cream is in the trunk, it decides that no, it definately is not going anywhere and I have to wait for someone to come help me push start it.

By the way, did you know you can sit in a parking lot for a full hour trying to start your car and have no one come over to see if you need help?

The fear of being stranded some where has really taken a toll on my freedom. I am afraid to even go to class now. And you know something, for some reason it seems the car only dies when I'm in it. So yesterday, I left her at the doctors all day yesterday so they could figure out what the problem is. Not only could they find nothing wrong, but it started every single time for them. Of course. They said unless it wont start while its in their hands, they wont be able to figure out whats wrong. The good news now is that today she died in my company's parking lot. I called those auto guys up and told him to get their greasy buns down here fast to catch her while she's down. I'm still waiting for someone to show.

Boy for having nothing to say, I sure spat out alot of words. Hey, I found a post I started one night about a week or so ago. I see no reason why not to post it now, since I cant think of anything else to type about.


Okay, maybe it's the Merlot talking, but I just had a crazy thought for a post. I was getting ready for sleepy time, when I thought I'd check my email really quick. My sil Jen wrote me a little note about my last post, and of course I had to sit and reply back. Thats where the idea for the post came in. Actually, I had two ideas.

Number one - what scares the bageebers out of you??

Off the top of my mind, I say BEARS, ALLIGATORS, & SHARKS.

And I'm an animal person, for crying out loud.

Oh yeah, DEMON POSSESSION. That one's a real nail bitter, too. Is it real or not? Don't know, just know I don't want anything to do with it.

But holy cows, the nightmares in my brain.

Number two - what you would do if you found yourself in the middle of one of your fears? Or, if you have already, what did you do?

So that was my conversation with Jen. It was about these things.

Being that I don't find myself swimming in the ocean or wadding through the swamp on a regular basis, and I am not planning on pissing off any demons any time too soon, I do in fact, find myself in the woods alot.

I worry about having my dogs in the woods with me for fear of BEARS coming after moi - and then how I worry about being alone in the woods with no one but Mr. Canon and Mr. Cell Phone - for fear of BEARS coming after moi...

Is that silly... or what?

There is a possiblility that one day, we will come in contact with a bear. There is a better possibility that the dogs would not run the other way, although they would if they were smart, and would actually attack the bear. Well, Ozzy would attack it. Jack would just stand there and scream at it. Knock on wood I never have to deal with this because the thought of what might happen to them if they ever got loose on a bear makes me barf. While some may say to drop the leashes and save myself, I know that that would never happen. I would pick up my dogs in both arms and run like hell.

But what if Mr. Canon and I were completely alone in the woods with a bear? Its hard to imagine what I might do first, but I would hope that I would not throw my camera at it. I would hope would think ahead and grab a stick or a rock, but not Mr. Canon. MY TRIPOD. Okay now THAT I would throw at it. Better yet, swing fiercely at it. And I most likely would have some pepper spray on me somewhere. Hey, I live in South Side. Somethings you just have on you.

So what about you? What are you scared of and do you have a plan of action?
I had a good weekend. Does it show?

Click to make larger.

These were taken last Saturday around 6:30 pm. The dogs and I were buried deep down in our favorite woods. It was just starting to get dark and these wild beasts that were attached to my wrist were itching to go left and right and up and down at the same time, which made it rather difficult to take a steady picture.

This brings up my latest dilemma;

Do I - Leave the dogs at home and go out with just Mr. Canon and me, which would inevitably ruin our trip from being haunted by visions of sad little puppy faces that have been embedded in our flash cards forever.

Do I - Just take the dogs and leave Mr. Canon at home, knowing that I will suffer immensely from missing something amazing and wonderful that would have surely been that money shot I've waited my whole life for.

Do I - Take the dogs first, then go back without them to shoot, only to become completely exhausted from all this running around, resulting in me not ever wanting to do that again.

Or do I - do what I did on Saturday and take everyone out with me at the same time, knowing darn well that dropping the leashes would leave me forever dogless thus being not an option, and thussssss....

The result - While half my shots were crooked and messy and very doggy wobbly, I did manage to get a few good ones...

Too bad my battery ran out before I could get anymore.

And what a beautiful evening it was turning in to. I was in a t-shirt and was so perfectly comfortable. The very next day, it snowed.

Spring is one stange monster.

I'll post more later.