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Monday, July 10, 2006

Hi all! Guess what? I'm feeling better! Yeah!! After eleven days of feeling like yuck, I'm finally feeling more like my old self again. Thanks to the world of medicine, I guess.

I felt good enough to clean my porch, clean my driveway, clean out the fridge, clean out from under the kitchen sink, clean the pond filters...

Which brings me to -

The most disgusting thing this whole weekend.

Okay. I may be over exaggerating a bit, but tell me this doesn't make your skin crawl.

I’m working in my yard outside when I hear a slight buzzing sound. I turned towards the walkway that leads down to the pond and noticed a few flies circling around. I think, ‘Oh no, please don’t tell me there’s something dead down there.’ Reluctantly, I peep down the walkway… and see this thing lying there.

It’s a good foot long, fleshy, meaty and covered in about 1000 flies – hence the buzzing sound I hear. They are undoubtedly laying their little maggots in it.

At this point, I can’t even tell what it was. It looked like a rabbit, or something. But as I got closer, it started to look more familiar...

What? Is that a… a… Oh my God. That’s disgusting.

Yup. It was a ham bone. Sitting on my walkway.

Thankfully, I could tell it was not more than a few hours old. But had I not noticed it right then, it would have sat there in this heat, getting more and more rancid and rotten and full of death and worms and my dogs would have eaten it and then gotten in bed with me and licked my face.

Now, my walkway is a tight squeeze between my house and my fence. My Spanish neighbors, you remember the ones, live on the other side of the fence. They are the only ones that would be able to throw anything over. There is no possible way for anyone else to throw anything even near there. Just them. And it just so happens that they had a party that day that lasted hours and hours and hours. Now, I can’t prove it, but I just know that one of them or their drunk friends were cooking and decided to get rid of the bone by tossing it into my yard for my dogs.

Some may think, “well aren’t they considerate for thinking my dogs might like a juicy ham bone.”

And if they had asked, I would have said, “Why thank you. They would love it. Hand it to me and I’ll give it to them. By the way, how old is it?”

The problem lies in the way they just decide to do whatever they please. From parking their car in front of my driveway so I can’t get out, to coming in to the yard to get a ball and leaving the gate open, to throwing their meat scraps over the fence. What if I were to hand their 3-year old a piece of meat through the fence without asking them first? Of course I would never do that. It’s not my kid to feed and I don’t know what he’s allowed to eat. But it’s the same thing.

It’s just rude and gross to find a part of dead animal in your yard. Who knows how long it would have sat there if I didn’t notice it yesterday. Sitting there rotting, festering, covered in flies - attracting RATS and God knows what else.

And of course I can’t help to even think that perhaps they actually hate my dogs and poisoned the damn ham.

I shutter to think.

Needless to say, I shoveled it up, flies and all, tied it up in a bag, and tossed in the garbage.

Yo esse, don't chuck your meat at me. If you want to be nice to my dogs, ask me if they can have the bone. Don’t just throw it in my yard.

So, am I over exaggerating? Am I being over protective? I dont think so. I go with what I feel, and I feel grossed out and angry, and above all - amazed that some people just don't have a clue.