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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy belated “Hallmark Holiday”, as its been called (too true Granny!) But you know something, anytime I can buy a card that says “To My Husband”, I’m happy to do it. I LOVE spoiling Earl and even though I buy him little prizes every time I go grocery shopping, Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to fill a little gift bag with some special treats that he normally doesn’t get… and perhaps some flannel heart boxers… and maybe even a dancing hamster that sings “I’m Too Sexy”.

We were planning on just doing cards, candy, making a nice dinner at home - you know, nothing fancy. However, when we left work last night, he drove to TJMaxx to see if there was something there I might like – jewelry wise. TJMaxx has some nice stuff, but neither of us saw anything we liked. So he suggested we go to the real jewelry store next door to see if they have any sales….

I’m a tight ass. Stingy as they come. I don’t want to spend money, I hate spending money. I HATE MONEY PERIOD. So you can imagine ME, in a JEWELRY STORE. I’m all like,

“No, too much.” “What?? That’s too expensive.” “No.” “No.” “No way.”

I was probably what someone would call ‘a nightmare of a customer.’ Every time I showed interest in something, the jewelry guy would pull it out, I would turn over the price tag and say, “Sweet Jeebus, its that much?!”, and then he would say, “No it’s not” and punch numbers on his handy dandy calculator and tell me it’s only $xxx.xx, to which I would roll my eyes and walk away.

I had in mind for awhile that a pair of diamond earrings would be nice to have someday, but the little itty bitty microscopic pairs where $325 – “no they’re not – *punch punch” they’re…. $310”. I couldn’t even seem them, how could they be that much? I think I would lose them in my ears.


There was… this ring…


Caught my eye it did. And I fell strangely in love.

Black pearl, 6 diamond chips, white gold.

I've never really even been much of a pearl person. I know how sensitive they are and what it takes to keep 'em happy, but this one - this one really fascinated me.

The setting is the most unique I’ve ever seen. That’s what made it stand out from the rest. That and the color of the pearl with the white gold was so impressive. They called the style “contemporary” and although I don't consider myself contemporary, I was super drawn to it. Firstly, because I’m a sucker for silvery things. Secondly, I’ve never had a black pearl before so it was intriguing. And thirdly, it was completely different than any other piece of jewelry I have ever owned.

I asked how much, punch punch went his fingers, I said “too much”, and walked out the door.

Earl was baffled. He thought the price was quite reasonable, but I guess in my eyes, if it’s more than $10 – it’s too much.

Later that night, Earl said he could tell I was still thinking about it. I said I couldn’t justify making such a purchase. What happens if I get it and then the car breaks, or the pipes burst, or the roof caves in? Besides, I got a treadmill for Christmas. How could I get something else just a couple months later? But he insisted I needed to have it... That life is not about money... It’s about things that make you happy... Its about him wanting to buy me that ring simply because I liked it... Actually he said, "I'm getting that ring for you tomorrow" and that was about it, but he implied the rest.

I can spend money on someone else a lot easier than on myself, that’s for sure.

Today at lunchtime, my husband walked into my office, placed a little box on my desk, kissed me softly and whispered Happy Valentine's Day.

I’ll give you one guess what was inside...

Isn't it different?! I love it. I love Earl.

I still hate money.

And somehow a pair of heart boxers a dancing hampster doesn't seem like enough anymore.

If anyone has a Xbox 360 Premium for sale, I'll buy it from you right now! They're harder to find than a virgin in South Side.
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